When Should I “Really” Start Promoting my New Blog?

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When Should I Really Start Promoting My New BlogAre you just launching your new blog and really stressed about it?

I see so many bloggers getting worked up because they are worried about how the launch of their brand new blog is going to be.

Are people going to like it?

Will they like that first post?

What does “launching” your blog or business mean?

Launching is basically when you do a lot of pre-promotion.

It’s like reaching out into the internet to attract readers via social media and enticing them with talks about what your blog will be about or maybe offering some sort of sneak peek.

Some bloggers even use that time to give away freebies.

Blogging is such a versatile task. It’s not a one day thing where you launch it big time and then forget about it. I love to read new blogs that come into existence, since each and every one of us has the ability to offer different things to our readers.

How to make your “launch” less stressful?

Launch of your new blog does not have to be stressful. There are different ways you can feel less stressed about launching your blog. Make sure you have,

Plenty of Content

Content is still the king. When you launch your blog and start telling people that it exists, it is important that you have plenty of content on your blog.

What happens otherwise? You bring all those people to look at that one post, to get 1 like. That’s it. You don’t have other content to click on or browse around.

You just spent all of that time promoting basically nothing, and stressing out for no reason. Having good amount of content on your blog ensures that your readers will stay.

Blog Naturally

I own 4 blogs now and have owned more in the past. I have launched some of them in a big way, others not so much.

What I found was when you launch your blog, just start writing. Do not worry about if someone is reading them or not.

It will get you all worked up, for no reason. Create a handful of posts and start promoting them. Don’t need to worry about an extravagant launch and everything being perfect.

Don’t Worry About That First Post

I have seen bloggers stressing too much about that first post. What it should be about, how to make it perfect and how to get as many readers to that first post as possible.

Seriously, just post them all. Order really does not matter. Let your readers decide which ones they want to look at. You may be surprised which post they might actually end up liking.

How to promote once you create a handful of posts?

Now that you have at least 10 – 15 blog posts on your blog, and you are in a position to tell people about your blog, here are a few things you can do to make sure that you get decent number of visitors in the beginning.

As you deliver quality content, along with following some of the strategies listed below, you will see a surge in your traffic.

Set Up Social Media Accounts

Setup your brand new social media accounts as soon as you claim your domain. If possible, look up the same name in social media as your own domain name.

That will make it easy for people to recognize you across social media. If not, take something similar.

Who else is writing about it?

Make a list of at least 5 other bloggers who are in the same niche as yours. Follow them on social media, comment on their blog and reach out to them when you want to ask a question or want an advice.

What’s Your Area of Expertise?

Why should people come to your blog? What solutions do you offer for their problems? Tell them a story. Brand yourself. Make your online presence known.

Always show up whenever someone is asking a question. Be an expert at one or two topics. People should start recognizing you for providing a solution to their problem.

Create a Freebie

Creating a freebie incentive is a great way to get people subscribe to your email list. It can be a simple one or two page piece of information.

For example I created this simple but useful meal planner on my other blog. I was able to gain more than 20 subscribers in one day when I just launched my blog a few weeks ago.

Create Gorgeous Images

In addition to writing high quality content, create beautiful pin worthy and click worthy images. Use graphics designing tools like Picmonkey or Canva. Pinterest and Instagram are a great ways to promote your blog posts via visual means.

There are so many others strategies to start promoting your blog, but start with a few. Do not overwhelm yourself with trying to accomplish everything in one night. Take one step at a time. Remember to take a break.

So, When Should I Really Start Promoting My New Blog?

Not before you have a few blog posts up!

Typically, a big launch only works for a business. I don’t think it applies well to bloggers.

Problem is when you start worrying too much about promoting your blog right away. You can forget to focus on the good content and the fun part that blogging has to offer.

I’m all for strategy, but I do not recommend stressing out or worrying too much about the big launch.

I think a big launch only matters if you’ve already got a decent following and are starting something new. If you’re a new blogger, I think it stresses you out and leads to disappointment when you don’t get a bunch of visitors for your big launch.

When Should I Really Start Promoting My New Blog
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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