Weekly Monthly Planner 2016: Getting My Life Organized Binder

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Hey There! How are your New Year preps coming along? Are you excited for New Year? I know I am! There are many reasons, but one of the major reasons is that I am looking forward to more planned and prepared weeks and months in the coming year. Just thinking about it gives me a sense of relaxation.

If you asked me, how was your 2015? I’d say, busy! Extremely busy! Busy was one work I may have used almost anywhere I was asked what I had been up to lately! I had lot of stuff going on, with family and kids to take care of along with the blogging business. I had a few doctors’ appointments forgotten and some of my business meetings mixed up.

Weekly Monthly Planner 2016

There were times when I would just sit back and wished to have my weeks and months planned ahead of time. My Christmas Planner 2015 Binder was such a wonderful addition to my holiday plans that everything went smoothly. I had no last minute panic attacks by forgetting to buy a gift for someone in my family and friends circle. Everyone had a great time.

Weekly Monthly Planner 2016

That is why for 2016 I decided to take control of my life, and start planning things at least 6 months ahead of time. That way, I will know which part of my life I need to stay more focused on and what other things can wait!

So without further delay, I present you with my vibrant and colorful Weekly Monthly Planner 2016 Binder. This is going to be my mantra to stay organized for the coming year. I have already planned my activities in the weekly and monthly calendars. Let’s go through each planner printable one by one!

This 2 page monthly planner lets you plan your activities for each month. Spacious squares provided for each date can be used to place any number of activities and events for each day of the month. Goals and Notes area on the side help you jot down important tasks for that month.

Weekly Monthly Planner 2016

Daily Planner is great for writing down activity for each day or even each hour. Plan your week ahead of time with roomy daily and weekly planner. Write down your goals for the week in the sidebar space.

Weekly Monthly Planner 2016

With this Weekly and Monthly Planner 2016 you do not have to forget important dates anymore. Anniversaries and birthdays can be written down conveniently in this colorful Important Dates to Remember sheet. This binder also includes “To Do List“. You can allot each To Do List sheet for each week, and write down the activities and events for that week, like things to buy, people to call, carpooling and ride sharing duties etc.

Weekly Monthly Planner 2016

Notes section is perfect for jotting down the general things you need to keep track of, or that don’t fit in any of the other categories. I love that each month has been separated by monthly tab dividers. It makes it so easy to refer to any month.

Weekly Monthly Planner 2016

Basically, this is what is included in my Weekly Monthly 2016 Planner Binder:

– Cover Sheet
– 2016 Calendar at a glance
– 2017 Calendar at a glance
– Jan 2016 – Dec 2016 Pre dated side by side Portrait Weekly Planner pages
– Jan 2016 – Dec 2016 Pre dated side by side Portrait Daily Planner pages
– Important Dates to Remember
– Meal Planner
– Personal / Emergency Contact page
– Notes page
– To Do List

Do you think you will be able to better organize your life with this Weekly Monthly 2016 Planner?

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Weekly Monthly 2016 Planner Binder

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If you find this weekly and monthly planner 2016 to be useful, feel free to checkout my Budget Binder 2016 where you can track your finances for 2016 and save more money with better organization of your time and money.

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