Weekly Meal Planner: How I Plan My Meal Menu for the Week

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Hi there my lovelies! Hope you are having a great Monday! How does it feel to get back to your normal routine after so much hustle and bustle in the last few weeks? Don’t you think holidays went by a little faster? I must confess though, last few weeks were crazy busy for me. I’m sure you feel the same way!

With holidays behind us, SV can’t wait to get back to his school and me back to my regular blogging routine. It’s going to be other kind of busy now where business meetings and kids activities will take over most of our days. With a busy lifestyle, most of us try to juggle multiple tasks at one time, and find ourselves overwhelmed. Some days I even have to skip cooking and order something. But it’s not always healthy and not very economical.

So this year, I decided to create a Weekly Menu Planner for myself (you know how much I love writing things down). I am looking forward to using it every week. I had to make it pretty and colorful so that I am tempted to make use of it every week 🙂

My Weekly Meal Planner includes Inventory list of what’s in Refrigerator, Freezer and Pantry. I really needed to keep track of food because whenever I go for grocery shopping, I end up buying things that I would not need for long time and end up throwing them, or forget to buy something that we really need that week.

This one is going to be such a life saver and money saver for us!

Weekly Meal Planner

My Planner also includes Current Week’s Menu, shopping list and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu. I can decide ahead of time what I am going to cook that particular week. After deciding my menu for the week, I can write down grocery items I need to shop for the week.

Weekly Meal Planner

I am particularly excited about these recipe cards. I am going to print these on regular 8.5×11 inch paper but then cut them into two cards, making it easy to store them in my recipe card box. This is going to be so handy for me because I come across so many healthy recipes that I want to try them sometime but forget to write down a recipe or if I write down the recipe, I forget where I wrote it down 🙂

Weekly Meal Planner

I also sometimes struggle with unit conversions whenever I am trying out a new recipe. This recipe unit conversion table is going to go on my fridge door and will be referred to every time I am stuck on how many cups or tablespoons to use.

This Menu Planner Package includes

– Freezer Inventory
– Fridge Inventory
– Pantry Inventory
– Grocery List
– Week’s Meal Planner
– Meals for Current Week
– Recipe Cards
– Recipe Unit Conversion Table

This meal planner is available for instant download in a PDF file format. It is a total of 8 pages and to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

If you find yourself in similar situation as mine, make sure to grab your copy so that you can feel relaxed knowing what’s cooking in the kitchen for the next week.

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Weekly Meal Planner <<<

Have fun Planning Your Weekly Meals Menu! 🙂

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