Unique DIY Room Decor for Your Boy’s Room

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unique diy room decor ideas for boy's room

What’s great about modern décor for boys’ rooms is it doesn’t have to scream “boy.” You don’t have to paint all of the walls blue or have a cowboy theme. You can create a fun space for your little boy to grow in. From infancy on, you will want a room for him that you won’t have to redecorate every couple of years.

Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Action Figure Lamp

Is your boy a superhero fanatic? Do you have those little green army men or G.I. Joes scattered all over your floors? Then he will love this idea! All you need is a collection of action figures, a hot glue gun, spray paint and a table lamp:

  1. Grab an old lamp from a thrift store or one you have around the house.
  2. Take the lamp shade off, so the lamp base and pole remain.
  3. Pile up the action figures on the lamp and glue them together. Try to cover most of the base and pole.
  4. Spray paint with a primer and then the color of your choice.
  5. Let it dry, reassemble the lamp, then you’re done.

2. Indoor Climbing Wall

When the weather is bad and your boy can’t climb trees outside, give him the space to climb inside. All you need is plywood, paint, climbing holds and the hardware you need to install it. It’s the perfect idea for a boy who loves the outdoors. You can even create a mountain theme in his room. From preschool to grade school, this idea will be a hit!

3. Wagon Bookshelf

What little boy doesn’t love wagons? If you have one around the house you can use it, but it’s really easy to find cheap wagons at yard sales! Repaint it if you need to or want to. Use it to store books when your little one is too big to be pulled around in a wagon.

4. Display His Collections



Boys love to collect things. Whether his collection is rocks, cars, superheroes or stuffed animals, find a cool way to display it! Industrial shelving is a great and modern way to display the things he is proud of.

Line up glass jars on his dresser and place his collection items in them. There are a lot of unique ways to display the things he loves!

5. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Chalk


Avoid the nightmare of your little boy coloring on your living room wall by creating his own wall to decorate. Chalkboard walls are perfect, especially if your floors are easy to clean. Buy some painters tape and chalkboard paint and make his room a place where his imagination can grow. It’s something he will enjoy for years, so don’t worry about have to repaint that wall anytime soon!

6. Unique Drawer Pulls

If you think your little boy’s room is lacking something unique, look no further. These dresser drawer pulls are easy to make and he will love them!

Use rubber animals, action figures, army men or anything you can drill a hole into! You just need your drawer pull object, a drill, spray pain, nuts, bolts, washers and a very strong superglue.

Drill a hole into the backside of your pull object. Spray paint the object in a color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry, then stick a bolt into the hole of the object and glue the two things together. Once the glue is dry, insert the bolt into the hole in the drawer and secure with washer and nut. It’s simple, but it’s a fantastic detail to add to your boy’s room.

It’s important to create a space where your boy has the freedom to grow into it. Involve him in the project to recreate his room! He will have a blast with these ideas!

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