Turn The Clocks Back, Oprah Style!

posted by admin on 1 Nov 2015 6 Comments

Today marks the end of Daylight Saving Time. Here’s celebrating Oprah style.

Celebrate Extra Hour Oprah Style

Daylight Saving Time marks back to 1895, when this world used to operate very differently. If you are wondering why we are still doing it. Oh well! Just do it!

If you have children who love to wake up early in the morning, all ready to take the day by storm, don’t worry about this extra hour.

If you love your sleep, get ready to jump with joy, because longer nights and darker days are here to stay, at least till March 9th, 2014 when the clocks spring forward an hour.

If you just woke up and looked at your iPhone clock, went back to bed because it was showing 8:00 AM, thinking it is actually 7:00 AM. Wake Up!!! Your iPhone did it automatically, it is actually 8:00 AM. Your SMART phone did it, but your oven did not!!!

I’d suggest not to change it on your oven though, just make a mental note. After all, it’s just 5 months before you have to change it again! I say, just leave it alone!

What are you planning to do with your extra hour today?

For me, I am enjoying my extra hour by drinking an extra cup of tea with my favorite Carrot walnut bread!

How about you? Any special plans for today?

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Comments (6)

  • I plan to take our extra hour and go to bed early…Like you mentioned, I have a young child that doesn’t allow for sleeping in–especially not for any daylight savings nonsense. :-

    • I hear you Emily. As soon as I finished my extra cup of tea this morning, my little one woke up, and I forgot all about daylight savings thingy and that there was supposed to be an extra hour today!

  • I love getting the extra hour!! Hubby changed the oven but I need to do the car clock or it will drive me crazy!

  • I felt so in control yesterday! Had everything done10 min before the time 😉 I need daylight savings time every weekend, so I can catch up stuff and still be 10 min early as opposed to being 50 minutes late!!

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