To Be Mommas: Why You Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

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As much as pregnancy is the most joyful phase for any woman, it can be as uncomfortable. With growing tummy, sleeping becomes an effort for an expecting mom. Add to that the backache, headaches and lethargy.

If you are pregnant, and the above symptoms sound familiar, it is time to consider getting one of those maternity pillows. It is important that this pillow provides a comfort to support your back as well as help you take your much needed naps.

Pregnancy Pillow Review

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow is one such maternity pillow that comes with features that any expecting mother would appreciate. Why I especially like this pillow was because Today’s Mom listened to the concerns of the expecting moms and made sure to keep those demands in check when manufacturing their recent maternity pillow.

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow Features

Here are some of the mothers’ major concerns about maternity pillows and how Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pillow has come to rescue to provide expecting moms a comfortable and relaxing environment.

1. Hard edges digging into mom’s shoulder. The Cozy Comfort has a curve shaped, shoulder support design, that contours to the shoulder and provides a soft sleep.

2. Lumbar support. The Cozy Comfort correctly supports mommy’s weight while she sleeps.

3. Belly support. This maternity body pillow features a belly support allowing the tummy to rest and support the baby comfortable. Perhaps the best feature is the large, square head rest area.

4. Head support. The Cozy Comfort’s head support resembles a standard pillow to provide comfort.

In addition to these great features, Today’s Mom also provides,

Comfort and Ease

Comfortable Maternity Pillow

Today’s Cozy Mom comfort Pregnancy Pillow comes designed with inner curves to support the back, head, neck and tummy. It is so comfortable when it cradles the whole body. Moms will find it useful even after giving birth. Full back cushion support with inner curves supports both the tummy and the back while nursing.

Convenient to Use and Maintain

Pregnancy Pillow Zipper

The pillow has a zipper for ease in changing the pillow case for washing. You can also choose from all these different colors like almond, cream, cherry, sky blue, espresso and white. Both pillow and pillow case are machine-washable.

Why Choose Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow?

One of the reasons why people choose Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow is that provides a great overall solution to maternity pillows. Its curve shaped, shoulder support design, that contours to the shoulder and provides a soft sleep. Not only that, it supports mommy’s weight, back and head while she sleeps.

Although this maternity pillow has lot of advanced features, there are some disadvantages that were reported by some expecting moms.

Some people reported that this pillow retains heat. That means, these pillows are great for winters, but not very comfortable in summers. Pregnant women’s bodies tend to naturally be warmer than normal, it can be uncomfortable for them to sleep cuddled up to a pillow that’s very warm.

To overcome this problem, many people put a normal bed sheet over the pillow and that seems to help a lot.

Another disadvantage mentioned by some people is that the pillow isn’t always soft. This problem was solved by putting a bed sheet over it can help make it feel softer to your skin.

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