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Spilling your Secret: When to Announce your Pregnancy

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This is a guest post authored by Kristen Hurst

Everyone’s approach is different. Some people choose not to announce their pregnancy at all, others stick to just family and some like to make a splash. There is no right or wrong way to let people know you’re expecting, but there are a lot of different ideas.

When To Announce Pregnancy

However, if you choose not to make a public announcement (or let everyone know over social media) it can be a bit of a disappointing or irritating shock if someone else accidentally lets your big news slip. Plenty of people, for whatever reason prefer to keep their pregnancy private, and tell a select few.

Imagine their surprise when they logged in to Facebook and see a post announcing their news. There are a lot of things to consider before spilling pregnancy news and especially if it’s not your news to tell, you might want to check with your family or friend before clicking ‘post’.

Why you may consider keeping it a secret through the first trimester

Many couples like to wait until around 12 to 14 weeks to share the news. Couples that choose to wait often do so because of uncertainty or even fear.

Sadly 10 to 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage and an overwhelming 80 percent happen during the first trimester. To avoid announcing a pregnancy and then having to follow up with devastating news of a miscarriage, for some people it’s easier to wait.

Fun Pregnancy Announcements

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Other people choose to wait out of consideration for other couples they may know who are trying to get pregnant, have someone they love who recently had a miscarriage, or a couple that is infertile. Of course it is a personal choice to share news of a pregnancy and consideration for friends is a sweet gesture.

Sometimes, instead of waiting out of concern for friends, couples wait out of concern for their other children. It can be difficult telling your other child or children they are going to have a new sibling and it can be nice to give them time to digest the news on their own and give you time to get them comfortable with the news.

Sometimes telling them it’s a secret just for them can help them with the news and help build their bond of trust with you.

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Kristen Hurst is a mother of three and decided to announce her pregnancies at different stages each time. Kristen received her degree in fashion marketing and writes mainly about nursing clothes and pregnancy while contemplating having another child of her own - or two.
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