Should You Start a Blog for Your Pet?

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This guest post was authored by Cathy Habas

Should You Start a Blog For Your Pet

At first the idea seems a little ludicrous, but blogs that focus on the adventures of a sociable pooch or a glamorous cat do exist.

And not only do they exist, they are quite popular!

But before you launch a site for Fido and expect it to become the next big viral hit, did you know there are few things you should consider?

Here are some major points you should think about.

What’s so Special about your Pet?

Every business or website needs a fresh angle in order to squeeze into the market. And blogs are no exception. So you have to ask yourself a tough question: why should anyone care about what you have to say about your pet?

But he’s adorable, just look at him!” There are plenty of sites where you can browse pictures of cute pets. What would make yours stand out?

He’s hilarious.” Okay, that’s a start. As long as you don’t have an obscure sense of humor and can adequately portray your pet’s antics, this is not a bad angle to take.

I’ve learned a lot from him.” You could take a philosophical approach or simply share the things you’ve learned about taking care of a pet in order to help other owners.

If the answer doesn’t instantly come to you, mull it over. But your site won’t take off unless it’s different from anything else on the web.

Is your pet photogenic?

If not, are you willing to learn how to take better pictures?

A blog that contains no pictures is a very boring blog indeed. Pictures help you grab people’s attention, and they can be shared easily on social media.

If you’re serious about starting a blog for your pet, it’s time to beef up your animal photography skills.

Your camera phone might be adequate for your own personal social media pages, but if you want to join the big leagues, you’re going to have to step up your game.

And if your pet proves to be a little camera-shy it’s time to bust out the treats and help them get used to it.

Learn how to take great videos while you’re at it, too. Learn some video editing skills, like speeding up footage, adding music or sound effects, or even simply splicing together several clips into one video.

This will help you not only leverage social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, but will also make it easier for you to create videos that are so good people will want to share them, like tutorials or just funny skits.

Finally, good Photoshop skills will be a huge boon when it comes to creating graphics and shareable items for the blog itself.

What other skills can you bring to the table?

Of course, it’s perfect if you already know what it takes to register a domain or set up a blog behind the scenes.

But there’s one other skill that’s very important. Even if your blog is well-written and has some great-looking photos, graphics and videos, it won’t market itself.

Online marketing isn’t as simple as shelling out some money and having the whole world land on your page. It’s easy to throw away a lot of money on Internet advertising if you don’t have a proven plan of action.

Alternatively, you can grow a following on social media. Everyone likes to share cute dog and cat pictures, right?

Even then, social media is a nuanced marketing channel. Do you know how to honestly get people to like, comment and share your content? Or were you hoping that would happen on its own?

Do you honestly have the time?

Let’s say you have all the necessary skills to start a blog on the side for your pet. Perfect! But will you honestly have the time to do it all yourself?

It might be wise to hire someone to set up your site or to do your graphics. Maintaining a website can easily turn into a full-time job. And even if you plan to monetize your site to get some return on investment, that doesn’t happen overnight.

Take a good look at your skills, time and motivation before you launch your new “pet project.”

While blogs that focus on the lives and adventures of pets are indeed popular, they still must be properly managed. A blog is like a business, and the more business sense you have, the more successful you’ll be in launching, maintaining and growing your blog.

Now get out there and fill your niche in the pet market!

Author Bio:
Cathy Habas is a full-time freelance writer and editor. Naturally curious, she will write about virtually any topic, although she has extensive experience in writing about behavioral health. Cathy is based in Louisville, KY but works with clients from around the globe to help them reach new audiences. Collaborating with the no. 1 go-to pet sitting community online in Australia Mad Paws for this post.

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