Renovate Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

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This post is guest authored by Sean Graham

Not all rooms bear an equal amount of wear and tear as the heart of your house that is your kitchen. Cooking, attending the guests, having meals together and many other activities are done in this room.

And thus it is very important that you give it the time and attention that it requires. A well-maintained kitchen is not only a picture of your well-being but also tells about the level of hygiene and cleanliness you maintain.

Kitchen Renovations in Five Easy Steps

Now, you must be thinking renovating a kitchen might lead to a huge investment because apart from buying the things, you would require hiring an interior decorator as well.

You do not have to incur a lot of cost because you can do it yourself, with the help of your family members, a few blogs and videos. Take a look below to know the steps of renovating a kitchen.

Get New Wallpapers

The walls of the kitchen must require repairs. Coloring them with the help of paint in patches is such an old and bad idea. It will end up making your walls look hideous.

Firstly, inspect mildew and mold formation and the stains. Scrub the walls thoroughly and then contact a good wallpaper manufacturing company. Install them but make sure the walls are all dry and clean before the installation process. Choose beautiful floral or geometrical patterns.

If you want to choose something quirky, you can go for the ones with food items drawn on it, or the ones with newspaper print. Wouldn’t that add glamour to your kitchen area?

Kitchen Renovations in 5 Easy Steps

Change the Window Treatments

Window treatment ideas are no longer limited to a few options now.

Roman Blinds, shutters, woven wood shades, sheer shades, drapery, and frilly curtains – you can go for anything as long as it goes with the rest of the interior.

Get rid of those old window treatments and upgrade them in order to make your kitchen look beautiful. This sums up the second point of a kitchen renovation.

Install New Cabinets

It’s time to change your cabinets. One important part of kitchen remodeling is to get a cabinet with lots of space and which will compliment your kitchen area. If you think that your budget would not allow you to buy the traditional cabinets, you can always settle for the Ready to Assemble kind or RTA Cabinets.

There are many cabinet manufacturing companies which will deliver boxed cabinets at your doorstep; all you need is a manual booklet and online videos in order to assemble the parts by yourself. But make sure you take proper measurements before you order a cabinet for your kitchen.

Change the Lights

Gone are the days of those boring lights that are installed in your kitchen and it’s high time that you add some drama to your space! Proper lighting can multiply the beauty of a particular area by leaps and bounds.

Go for something as grand as a chandelier, or stick to something simple like brass droplets which will focus on the counter tops and dining table. For more intricate work, go for under cabinet lighting ideas.

Do your research work properly and find out the nearest light manufacturing company.

Painted hanging lights, traditional lantern styled lights, Brass patina lights, Glass bulbs, glass pendants lights, delicate dropped lights, vintage styled droplet lights and many other options are there to choose from, which will enhance the look of your kitchen area.

Kitchen Renovations in 5 Easy Steps

Work on the Flooring

If the flooring is damaged at parts, you may need to repair or change it. But all depends on how bad the condition of the floor is. If it is just the matter of a few stains and marks, you do not need to change it.

A little fix here and there would do. So, inspect factors like cracks and water leakages, before deciding to completely change it. This is the fifth step of a kitchen renovation.

Apart from all of the above, you may need to upgrade your appliances, utensils and also must work on the countertop to make your kitchen cleaner and more convenient.

So, start giving your kitchen a complete makeover without delaying any more.

Author Bio:

Sean Graham is a lifestyle blogger and here he shares a few steps of kitchen renovation. Installing window treatments, wallpapers, interesting lights and RTA cabinets are a few of them.





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