My Life Organized: How I Organize My Morning Routine

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I have always been a morning person.

I love waking up early, even before my alarm clock goes off.

Yes, there’s no use of snooze button on my smartphone 🙂

I love to wake up early and stretch the day out as much as possible.

There are days though that have left me frustrated when things did not get done on time, or forgotten.

There have been times when I forgot to return the book to the library on time, served frozen food for dinner or misread SV’s swimming class time. That’s my mom chores, and then there are my business chores.

I love to work on my blog, but when I first started my blog, I had no idea how to make it work with so many other things going on in my house.

It always felt like the number of hours in a day is not enough to finish the tasks at hand. I have always been looking to squeeze one more thing in my busy routine.

It felt like I was running around in circles making extra effort, but not accomplishing anything. That’s when I decided to do something about it.

How I Organize My Mornings

Well, if you have been reading my blog for some time now, you must have guessed what I did. Whenever I find myself lost in a whirlpool of things to do and about to get overwhelmed, I start writing things down.

Prioritizing makes them even better.

First thing I do in the morning, after my cup of tea, I write things down in my personal organizer.

Personal Organizer to Organize My Day

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My personal organizer has sections like goals for the day, appointments and people to contact, things to do or buy, meal planning from breakfast to dinner, morning and evening schedule and household chores.

Notes section is if I have anything extra to add or if I was able to get the things done that day. This is how I plan my day early in the morning and get things done. Well almost!

Personal Organizer to plan my day

Daily Goals: Setting my goals can include a goal like blog commenting, social media updates, working out for 15 minutes or reading a book.

Contacts: I use this section to set up doctors or dentist’s appointments, set up ride share or carpool etc. Many times I have to call my credit card company to ask about a charge that I don’t remember or call my cable company to ask for special deals.

To Do List: I normally use this section to list the things I need to buy or do every few days. Like this morning, I plan on visiting library with SV to checkout some of his favorite books.

Meal planning: Planning our family meals ahead of time works wonders to keep my day go smooth. If I know what we are going to eat for lunch or dinner that day, I can plan my day accordingly. I can even prepare the meals ahead of time and focus on my blog commenting or reading a book to SV. I also keep track of glasses of water I drink every day. I try to consume at least 6 glasses per day.

Household Chores: If it’s a laundry day or deep cleaning the bathrooms day, I write it down in my household chores section. Laundry requires at least two hours of the day, so knowing it ahead of time lets me schedule it to the time of the day when I can fit in another task that requires me to be at home for that duration of time.

Notes: This is the reflections of the day section mainly because I write down if the things I had planned for the day were accomplished or not. If they can be planned for the next day or next week.

My personal organizer makes it convenient for me to schedule the tasks of the day much more efficiently. I have been known to forget doing an important thing or two before I started using my personal organizer.

I have forgotten to set up my doctor’s appointment, get my car serviced on time or pick up an important package from post office. Now I write all these things down first thing in the morning when I am yet to start my day.

If this seems like you can also take advantage of, I created this personal organizer printable that you can download for free. I love this simple organizer that lets me plan my day ahead of time without having to feel overwhelmed.

Download Personal Organizer

No wonder I love being a morning person and able to plan things ahead of time.

Besides using my Personal Organizer, I have also made a few more changes to my daily and weekly routine. I make frequent use of my Meal Planner. I am able to plan ahead of time the menu for the whole week. Because of that I am able to determine the grocery shopping items for that week as well. No stress and saving money in one go. Voila!

Your turn: Are you a morning person? How do you keep track of daily tasks?

How I organize my morning routine with my personal organizer
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