How We Plan to Save Money on Kids’ Activities this Summer

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Who here doesn’t like summer? I am sure I won’t see any hands 🙂

I for sure look forward to bright sunny days that this warm season brings along. There are going to be lot of barbecues, family potlucks, and beach and water park outings.

SV is looking forward to his cousins visiting us from California. I am sure it’s going to be a circus with 4 toddler boys under one roof. Hubby and I are into summer planning mode and listing down the activities we are planning to do to keep the boys busy and entertained.

As much fun it is to plan such family activities, you do have to consider your budget so that you do not run out of your entertainment fund. I have the tendency to go overboard sometimes so I have to tell my husband to remind me whenever I show any signs of overspending.

Here’s how we plan on saving money on kids’ activities this summer and have fun at the same time!

Groupon. You know how group buying sites like Groupon and Living Social come in handy whenever you are looking for deals. Deals and coupons available for restaurants, travel and shopping are unbelievable. I was checking groupon this morning, and was surprised to find Go Karting deal at 50% off. It’s perfect for family outings and birthday parties. Children love to play mini golf and paintball while adults master their swings at the driving range. Other great deals going on right now on are Niagara Falls getaway at 70% off, paint nite event at 44% off, indoor rock climbing at 59% off and many more!

Free Museum Days. Staying in a capital city has its perks. Ottawa is known for its historical monuments and museums. There are free guided tours of Parliament Hill, gardens, residence and art collection adorned in the Rideau Hall that are offered all year round. Check free museum and art gallery days in your local city and visit with children.

Enjoy local festivals. There’s the Tulip Festival and Rideau Canal Festival that are great for going with family. Find local festivals in your town and make it fun with family.

Spend an afternoon at the beach. Play beach ball in the sand, make sand castles. Lie down and soak the sun. Do not forget the sunscreen though.

Picnic at local parks. Bring food, drinks, snacks and a blanket. Enjoy your day at the park.

Visit Splash Pads. Kids have fun playing around in the water

Go bowling. Bowling is a fun activity to do with kids. Many locations offer free bowling for kids all summer long. Make sure to check out to see if your local bowling alley offers free bowling for kids.

Visit library. What better way to encourage children to read than making them a part of summer reading program. Many locations in my area are offering incentives for children who complete the task of reading certain number of books. Incentives include free books, money, gift cards, movies and more.

Camp in the backyard. Kids can catch butterflies, swim, fish and climb trees. Make marshmallows. Get your friends and family with similar aged kids so that they can hangout together and adults can have good time too with barbecues and games.

Lie down and count the stars. This is one of my fondest memories of childhood. Lie down, counting the stars, telling each other stories and playing riddles with my siblings and cousins. Now we do the same thing with our children and rejoice the sweet memories of our childhood.

Water fight. Kids have fun playing with water balloons

Go strawberry picking

Catch fireflies at dusk. Grab a mason jar and collect fireflies. See it glow in the dark.

Go hiking

Check social media accounts. Most of the tourist attractions maintain Facebook and Twitter pages where they post their specials or discounts regularly. Make sure to like or follow your favorite summer destination social accounts and keep yourself up to date if they have any special deals going on.

So, you see. You do not have to spend lot of money for kids to have fun in the summer. Just get out there, seize the day, enjoy the weather and the look of satisfaction on your little ones’ faces.

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How are you planning to spend summer with your little ones?

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