How to Make Fresh Coconut Oil at Home

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I have been obsessed with coconut oil lately. Even though I have used it since I was a child, it has emerged as a super oil, that offers so many health benefits. Coconut oil is good for hair care, skin care, improving digestion and immunity.

Fresh and Homemade Pure Coconut Oil

I had been looking for a virgin organic coconut oil but couldn’t find one to my satisfaction. Or the ones that I found seemed extremely expensive. So, what do I do? I decide to make my own homemade version of fresh coconut oil.

It does take more than 24 hours to make coconut oil at home, but the results are terrific. I was simply fascinated by the whole process. I went through couple of youtube videos to follow the easiest procedure and finally decided on these simple steps to follow.

1. Take two coconuts and crack them open. We did it outside in our backyard. Scoop out the small pieces. Scooping out is a little tedious job since coconut shell so hard to handle. An easier way to do is to freeze the cracked coconut for sometime in the freezer. Scooping out the coconut meat is much easier afterwards.

Coconut pieces

2. Place small coconut pieces in a blender. Add some water and blend until coconut pieces are blended perfectly fine.

Blend the coconut pieces

Coconut pieces blended fine

3. Take a cheese cloth and strain out the coconut milk. Squeeze the cheesecloth with blended coconut to make sure you get out as much coconut milk as possible.

Strain the coconut milk using cheese cloth

Strain the coconut milk using cheese cloth

Squeeze the cheesecloth to get more coconut milk

4. What’s left is the strained coconut milk. Cover with the lid and leave it overnight so that it solidifies and the cream rises to the top.

Layer of coconut milk

5. Take a look after about 24 hours, or the following morning. Solidified cream must have risen to the top. Slice and scoop out the cream, transferring it to another container.

Scoop out the layer of coconut milk

Transfer to another pot

6. Simmer the cream on low for around 30 minutes or so, stirring often.

Simmer on low heat

Simmer on low heat

7. It takes a while, but you will see brown remnants leaving the actual coconut oil behind.

Simmer on low heat while stirring

Simmer on low heat while stirring

Simmer on low heat while stirring

8. Using the colander, separate the brown remnants from the coconut oil, pouring into your favorite mason jar or a bottle. Store it at room temperature.

Separate the brown remnants from coconut oil using colander

Pure coconut oil

Homemade coconut oil

It does seem like a lot of work, but it was actually so much fun. What’s more, I was able to make my own fresh and pure coconut oil.

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