How to Be a Macro-manager in Your Small Business

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This post was guest authored by Elena Prokopets

How to be a macro manager in your small businessBeing an owner of a small business doesn’t come easy.

Nurturing your brainchild in the best possible manner is what every owner strives for.

This compels them to acutely monitor the progress every step of the way and micromanage the tasks performed by employees.

If this is how you are managing your business, then it is time you should step back, regain your composure, and start again!

It is good to be dedicated and passionate about your business, but over-doing it can cost you a lot.

Instead of micro-managing each and every move, learn to be a macro-manager of your business.

So, how can you achieve that?

Hire the Right People

No matter how hard you try to be the jack of all trades and know every aspect of the business, you can’t!

And this is absolutely fine. For a business idea to be successful, it is important to have a team of creative and competitive staff working in the background.

Therefore, a crucial aspect is to hire the right people who are willing to learn and develop their professional skills as the business grows and work toward achieving the short as well as long term targets.

Before hiring a candidate, you must identify the skills that an employee needs to develop and how their roles will develop over the years.

You should also be familiar with their career aspirations and whether they are satisfied and happy working as a team or not.

Define and Reinforce the Success Factors

You must be well-disciplined, understand the business operations, and be flexible enough to work with different personalities. These will be your success factors as a macro-manager in your business.

Similarly, you should define and assign success factors to each member of the team and empower them to create ideas and figure out creative solutions so as to achieve those factors.

Instead of doing their job, let them do it by providing support wherever needed. It will allow you to anticipate the likely roadblocks and plan an alternative course of action.

Use different tools, including workshops, conferences, and continuing education to address these factors from time to time.

Instead of closely monitoring everything on a daily basis, simply monitor the team’s success factors on a regular basis. It will enable you to devise your own success factor, i.e., your ability to macro-manage.

Encourage Employees’ Feedback to Resolve a Problem

There are times when you face a recurring problem and you cannot seem to resolve the issue on your own. In times like this, call an open staff meeting, present the problem and ask for their feedback.

Encourage them to participate without hesitation and welcome their responses. Creative minds always have creative ideas to tackle a situation.

Conducting this activity broadens your horizon and can provide a number of possibilities to resolve an issue as efficiently without spending a significant amount of money.

Enabling employees to share their ideas also allow you to come up with more than one way to look at the problem and find the solution.

Focus on A Bigger Picture

Other than managing the internal aspects of a business, it is equally important to successfully deal with the external aspects associated with it.

While running the orchestra, the aim of a choirmaster is to present the best symphony to the audience. Similarly, focus on delivering what a customer needs. It is crucial to have a satisfied and happy customer by offering a quality product or service.

Having the right group of employees who work together as a team to strive toward providing a good quality product to the customer will definitely reflect your macro-management skills in achieving your ultimate goal.

Author Elena has always been passionate about helping others get the most out of their life and reach their fullest potential. Elena is the content manager at CSB Legal. When she’s not writing, Elena enjoys travelling to exotic places around the world.

How to be a macro manager in your small business



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