How to Announce Your Pregnancy

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Wondering how to announce your pregnancy?

Well, First Off – Congratulations! (** Happy Dance **)

Announcing your pregnancy, whenever you are ready, to family and friends can be exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Even if you have known about your pregnancy for a while or just found out, it is always so much fun to tell your loved ones.

Here are some cute pregnancy announcement ideas that are funny and creative. Let your family and friends know that you are expecting your bundle of joy soon!

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Jessica Simpson Baby Announcement
Funny Baby Announcement

It is such an important event in anyone’s life that some may want to wait and tell everyone at certain time, while others may not want to wait at all and want everyone to know immediately. If you are soon to be a mom and looking for ways to tell everyone, here are some fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy.

Telling The Baby’s Father

Announcing the arrival of new baby is going to be so much fun. Make it even more delicious by announcing it in a fortune cookie. You can find these fortune cookies at BabyLaughs

Fortune Cookie Baby Announcement

Plan a romantic candle light dinner for two. You might feel morning sickness for sometime and many not be able to enjoy food, so make sure to make the best out of the evening out. Ask the restaurant to serve baby corn, baby carrots and anything else related with the word “baby”. Hand him a present, with a bib or cute little outfit that says something including the words “I love my daddy” or “my father is the best”. You can find such cute outfits and more at Cafepress.

I Love My Daddy Baby Announcement

If baby’s father is out traveling or away on business, send him a package. Place some baby items and maybe a baby naming book. Add a note, saying “I am on my way, dad”.

Make it fun and leave clues

Baby Rattle as Baby Announcement

You can have some fun and let the dad figure it out on his own. Leave various clues around the house, baby items like a bib, bottle, booties, rattle, pacifier etc. Leave these items where he is bound to find them. If he still doesn’t get the clue after about a week or 10 days, prepare a big gift. Take a large teddy bear sitting on the bed, and a sign that says, Hi Dad.

Telling Family and Friends.

Bun in the Oven T-Shirt

You can find such cute t-shirts and similar ideas at Cafepress

Show up to a family gathering wearing a shirt that announces your state. These days there are a ton of shirts out there with clever sayings, “Baby on Board,” “A Bun in the Oven,” or something related to the pregnancy. The moment you walk in or take off your jacket everyone will figure it out without you ever having to say a word. Now, get ready for the tears and excitement. You’ll be answering a ton of questions.

Telling Baby’s Grandparents.

If this is the first grandchild, you can get a bracelet link for grandma that says, “No. 1 Grandma” or grandparent t-shirts. Not only will this be a great present for them, they will also cherish and love this for ever.

New Grandma Necklace

These cute new grandma necklaces make baby announcement all the more exciting. You can find these adorable necklaces at Cafepress.

If you already have children you may want to call the grandparents up and tell them that the next Christmas they may want to add one more to the list.

Telling Your Friends.

Arrange a fun evening with all your friends. Plan fun games like dumb charades. Give clues that are related with baby, pregnancy and birth. You can also ask for baby name suggestions. Even try catching everything on video.

Announcing this great news can be a lot of fun, just think creative and let others make sense of it all.

Have a Happy Pregnancy :)

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