Homeschooling 101: Printables for your Kids Learning (Preschool and Elementary Years)

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This is a guest post authored by Earl Jonathan Tech

Homeschooling Printables

Homeschooling is a big leap of faith for moms and professionals who decide to leave the four corners of a classroom and bring home whatever is taught there.

Kids who are being homeschooled face the dilemma of having to deal with studying alone and the inclusiveness of their houses. This is a lot different to the experience they can have in school, and they may feel a little bored, having to deal with just one person for the rest of the season.

This is the reason why it takes a bit more effort for parents to get the education right for their children because they will be the one to look for materials that are in line with their planned curriculum.

Preschoolers need more time and interactive activities while in class, and it would be best for one to have printed materials they can use to color or write. This makes the learning more fun to them, rather than looking at a computer and shade stuff.

Learning to hold a Crayons or pen not only teaches them identification but essential skills in life, and that is control and accuracy. Did you know that their way of coloring or writing can be an indicator of their attitude and outlook in life?

Being their guide in these activities teach them patience, control, and accuracy in the right way. They are of course free to make mistakes, but with you by their side, these errors are corrected well and properly, unlike in a classroom setting where the teacher has divided attention.

Choosing the right printed materials for homeschooling isn’t just a random chain of ideas; they must be planned and relevant. Here are few tips when choosing the perfect printables.

#1 Research about your kid’s demographics

Homeschooling Printables

The word demographics might confuse you, but it only means to identify the interests of the age gap where your children belong. Simply put, a preschooler has a different set of interests than those of ages 5 to 7.

Age before gender, this is what you must consider first when dealing with kids in their preschool or elementary years. This stage in life doesn’t have much to discuss on sexuality yet. You can focus on the primary interests of kids during these years, and that is playing.

Your learning printables must be interactive and colorful. It should have clear and straightforward instructions for the children not to be confused. Following instructions in these age gap can be tough and time-consuming. It can also be very annoying on the child’s end if they have to remember so much for doing so little.

Simply put, instructions that are overwhelming can steal their joy in learning.

#2 Invest in Science Experiments

Homeschooling Printables

This might be a little too overwhelming on your part because this might cause trouble or burn your house since kids are always playful and out-of-control most of the time. But did you know that there’s no greater fun than Science experiments?

Yes, having science experiments are going to be one of the most fun and knowledgeable activities for both you and your kids.

Take them out of the house and let them plunge outdoors. Showing your children science experiments are like their first experience of magic. The same feeling you’ve had before when your dad fixed the toy you thought is forever broken, or when your mom made something delicious out of the ridiculous veggie, you hated the most.

It creates memories, and it promotes better knowledge retention.

#3 Take them to the Museums

Homeschooling Printables

This is a little ironic to the “homeschooling” terminology that we are talking about if you take things too literally. But if you are willing, you can take your kids to a museum and talk about history.

Tell them the heroes of the past, their contribution to the society and show them around things that have so much meaning to your country.

Again memories create better knowledge retention.

This activity will take them somewhere else in time, and compared to memorizing something that is in a book; this gives them a firsthand experience of the people, places and things that has so much effect on your modern society.

You can make the museum travel a bonding and leisure time for your family as well. Bringing them out sometimes may hurt you a little in the pocket but it will pay-off in the long run.

Author Bio: Earl Jonathan Tech is the founder of PrintMeister, a company that operates online to provide printing services in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. When he is not busy with his company, he writes to share his knowledge with the world.

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