Happy Wedding Anniversary, Mom And Dad

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Anniversary Wishes For Parents

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Dear Mom and Dad,

Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary!

You are the best parents of the world. You both remind us the definition of love, affection and what it is to care! You always have that smile on your face, cheering us all the way. We want to thank you both for allowing us to reach where we are. Thank you for enduring so much to help us with our future goals.

Thank you for waking us up at 5:00 in the morning, so that we could study and get good grades in school. Thank you for taking breaks from work and help us with our homework. Thank you for making us tea whenever we were feeling sleepy while studying. Thank you for dropping us to and picking us up from the bus station whenever we wanted to. Thank you for watching fun movies with us and for those walks we had in the mornings. Thank you for waking up with us whenever we had those nightmares.

Thank you for sitting through those math problems when we were stuck!

Dad, remember the time when the three of us went to drop mom off to her school and on our way back, we went to the movie theatre to watch that movie we had been talking about for sometime? You were so worried when we didn’t reach home on time, but you never asked us where we were or scolded us. Instead you drove down to the theatre, found our car, made sure we were ok and drove back home. When we came home, you never said a word about it and we ended up sharing the story of the movie with you. We had such a great evening.

Thank you for being so understanding.

Mom, you used to take your afternoon off from work, just so that you could drive back home, have us take a nap in the afternoon so that we could study later on, all refreshed and ready. Thank you for waking up early in the mornings, make that nutritional smoothie for us and wake us up to start the day.

Thank you so much for your great efforts so that we could succeed in life.

I remember those walks in the park in the mornings, where we were the only children up so early. People would come over to you to tell you that how you are doing such a great job by getting your children in to healthy habits.

Thank you for trusting us, having faith in us, teaching us to voice our opinion, for building that confidence in us that has and is still helping us through the walks of life.

Thank you for giving us the BEST childhood and for being the BEST parents!

We love you so much!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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