Gift Guide: Christmas Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds

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As soon as your little one turns 2, he will be bursting with energy. His little inquisitive brain will be exploring anything and everything. He will start showing interest in toys that he can pull, push, drag along.

Gifts for 2 year olds

He ‘ll love playing challenging games and question everything. This is a wonderful time for imaginative play as his fine motor skills are growing.

At such growing time of his life, he will love pretend play, tray puzzles, construction blocks, a mini shopping cart, wooden toys that require assembly, stackers, sorters and much more.

For these reason, make sure to get him a toy that is educational, inspirational and entertaining. We have compiled a list of top toys that will make wonderful gifts for terrific 2 year olds – boys and girls.

1. Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

Snow Queen Elsa Doll has been a craze among young girls. This cute doll makes a great gift for your toddler.

This realistic doll speaks phrases from the film and her dress lights up when her magical snowflake necklace is touched. To hear the song “Let it go”, life her arm, while her dress sparkles.

2. VTech Alphabet Apple

Let your toddler get familiar with the awesome world of letters, alphabets and enjoy the learning activities. They will learn about animal sounds, objects, words, phonics, letter, spelling and time concepts.

A cute worm sings songs and interacts with your child. Your child will love playing with this engaging and interactive toy while they learn.

3. Easel with Magnetic Letters and Numbers

This easel offers a great way to keep your 2 year old and his friends engaged for a long time. They will be able to draw to their heart’s content. This is an awesome gift for kids’ entertainment as well as great learning toy.

Just make sure to keep an eye on your little ones for choking hazard when they play with the magnetic letters that come with this easel. All in all, one of the best toys my kids still play with.

4. Lego Duplo My First Zoo

Lego Duplo’s My First Zoo lets kids create their own zoo scene with bricks, a zookeeper with his own vehicle, and animals, including a baby elephant, tiger, fish, polar bear, and giraffe.

5. Pirate Tent

A perfect play set for every little Pirate! This Pirate Ship tent is super-easy to set up and makes up for a mighty fine playhouse for your young gentleman’s imagination.

Decorated with buccaneer scenes, it’ll entertain any jolly Roger or Rachel and be an excellent base to plan their mutiny or for storing their ill-gotten pieces of eight.

6. Creative Ice Cream set

I am sure you will nod yes, when I say, most toys still go right to kids’ mouth at the tender age of two. Needless to say, buy them a small toy and it becomes a choking hazard.

At this age, you can get them something that can fit into their little hands but does not fit into their mouths. For that reason, I love this Creative Ice Cream Set from Duplo’s.

This toddler friendly toy is perfect for kids to discover the magic of assembly and construction of these colorful and fun blocks.

7. Plan Toys’ rubber wood kitchen

IF you child loves to pretend play, they will love this rubber wood kitchen. This perfectly sized kitchen does not take too much space in your real kitchen.

It stands only 12 inches tall and can be propped up on a low sturdy table or even on the floor. What a fun way to enjoy cupcakes when served by your kids!

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