DIY Easter Activities: Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies

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It’s almost Easter, and bunnies are bouncing out everywhere! Your child can create a bevy of her own bunnies using plastic Easter eggs. Reuse the old plastic eggs that you stored away last year, instead of buying all new.

Not only is this kids’ craft a sweet holiday project, but it also doubles as a learning lesson. While your child is crafting, she’s also building fine motor skills and exploring through her senses.

Make a white bunny with orange feet, a brown rabbit with pink ears or mix it up and roll a rainbow of clay that uses all of the colors.

Make a few bunnies, set them in an old (clean and dry) egg carton or put them into a faux grass filled basket for an Easter-themed display!


Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies Material

  • Plastic Easter eggs – Your child will cover the eggs, so the color doesn’t matter.
  • Googley eyes
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • Modeling clay
  • Craft sticks, plastic spoons or other homemade clay tools

How-to Steps:

1. Cover the egg with a thin layer of clay. Your child can stretch the clay over the egg, giving it a bunny fur texture. The clay should stick to the egg’s surface. If it’s too hard or has sat out, the clay won’t adhere correctly. You either need softer clay or to use a layer of glue underneath.

Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies

2. Pull, pinch and smoosh the clay to give it fuzzy looking bumps. Your child can use her fingers, a craft stick or another clay tool to add texture.

3. Roll two dime-sized pieces of clay into tubes. Have your child squish the tubes down to make the rabbit’s ears.

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny Ears

4. Press the ears on top of the egg.

5. Glue two googley eyes to the egg.

Googley Eyes for Easter Bunny

6. Create another two tubes, making them slightly larger than the ears. Press these down to make rabbit feet. Push the clay-covered egg on top of the feet. The feet also double as a base for the egg craft.

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny Legs

7. Mold a nickel-sized piece of clay into a ball. Your child can push it onto the back as a tail.

8. Add the bunny’s nose and mouth. Your child can either model these out of clay or use a craft stick to ‘draw’ them into the clay.

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny with smile

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny Craft

DIY Plastic Easter Egg Bunny Craft

Fun Easter Activities with Kids

Keep in mind, your child doesn’t have to use just one color. Make a white bunny with orange feet, a brown rabbit with pink ears or mix it up and roll a rainbow of clay that uses all of the colors. Your child can also take the ears off, add a beak and make a few Easter chicks to go along with the holiday sculpture display!

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