Fitness Planner: Track Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

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Weight Loss and Fitness Planner

Hi There! Can you believe first two weeks of January are gone, just like that!

I am glad though I am sticking to my goals I planned for this year. One of the ongoing goals is to lose weight, eat healthy and stay fit in the new year. Health and fitness is something I have started taking seriously recently. Such was not the case just few years ago.

You see, throughout my high school until I graduated from college and got married, I was called skinny minny by my friends and co workers. I am not too tall, and weighed close to 100lbs. I could eat two large greasy pizzas and still not gain weight. I loved that my metabolic rate was on my side. But as soon as we had our baby, I gained weight so fast, it was unbelievable. So I decided to do something about it this year.

That’s why one of the goals this year is to stay fit and eat right!

As you must know by now, how much I love to write things down to track my progress about certain things, I decided to create this Fitness Planner. It makes it so much easier to track my progress and help me reach my fitness goals. This is what my Fitness Planner Binder looks like,

Weight Loss and Fitness Planner

What’s in the Fitness Planner?

This Fitness Planner was designed by keeping in mind the requirements for some one who not only wants to lose weight, but also stay fit and healthy. If your goal is not to lose any weight, but just eat right and stay fit, this planner should work perfectly as well.

5 Week Water Challenge

5 Week Water Challenge

When I started tracking my water intake, I found out that I was not drinking enough water throughout the day. Winters are worse. I was not drinking even a glass of water some days, but coffee or tea went in like crazy. I know I needed to change this. I started with 5 week water challenge.

First few days, I drink a glass or two of water. Then I make it two or three for next 2 – 3 days. Then three to four. Like this, I keep adding up the water glasses and by the end of 5 weeks, I should be able to drink at least 8 glasses day. I started this in the first week of January, this is my third week. By now, I drink four to five glasses per day. Not bad, right? I’d love you to take this 5 week water challenge and see if you can make it through!

Goal Tracker Chart

I write down my weight loss and fitness goals in this sheet. When I reach my set goals, I can put the check mark across that goal. To make it more appealing, I added the before and after photo space at the bottom of this sheet. What more fun way to lose weight and stay fit then comparing yourself from when you first started. It feels like such an accomplishment.

Workout Calendar and Food Tracker

Workout Calendar and Food Tracker

With this Weekly Food Tracker, I can easily track what I ate on a particular day. If I ate healthy or not, how many calories, how much snacking and how many glasses of water. This weekly meal planner lets me plan my meal menu for the week.

Once I decide what will be cooking in the kitchen for the next 6 – 7 days, I can prepare my grocery list. Buy stuff that is actually required in the kitchen. This helps me from buying any unhealthy or junk food. I also do not end up buying things I wont’ need immediately.

Track My Fitness Goals

Measurement and Fitness Tracker Chart

Weight Loss Tracker, Fitness Tracker and Measurement Tracker help me set reasonable goals for weight loss, track fitness activity and track body measurements.

I am loving using this Fitness Planner. I ‘m going to use it until I reach my set goal of weight loss. Then I would like to stay in shape and maintain my weight by tracking my fitness activities every month.

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Weight Loss and Fitness Planner <<

Do you have any fitness goals that you would like to achieve this year?

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