Favorite Fonts Friday: Free Handwritten Fonts

posted by Gurk B on 3 Jun 2016 2 Comments

Hi There! Welcome to my Favorite Finds Friday. I am starting this brand new series because for the last few months I have been coming across so many interesting things and I have been longing to share them with you. I just did not find which way to categorize my finds every week.

So this is what I came up with: Favorite Finds Friday!

In my Favorite Finds Friday, I am going to share my favorite finds that I found that week and share with you on a Friday of the week. Those finds can include anything from fonts, icons, vectors, website templates, plugins, themes etc. I hope you are feeling as excited as I am to share my finds with you every Friday.

So without further ado I present to you the first installment of my

Favorite Finds Friday: Free Handwritten Fonts

Have you noticed how many professional and newbie bloggers make use of beautiful fonts so frequently? I love the beautiful images that show up in my Pinterest feed from time to time. If you are wondering, most of these are handwritten fonts. They come in so much variety that it is simply not possible to cover them in one blog post.

My first set of handwritten fonts are displayed in the image below. If you like what you see, feel free to download and explore on your blog images.

Favorite Finds Friday Week 1 Free Handwritten Fonts

1. Euphoria | 2. Halo Handletter Font | 3. Milasian Circa | 4. Edwardian Script | 5. Scriptina

So, did you find your favorite handwritten font? Please share in the comment box below!

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