Facebook Groups that Help Drive Traffic to my Blog

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Facebook Group That Helps Drive Traffic To My BlogWhen you start a blog, it seems like a simple idea where you will keep posting content, and people will just come flocking to your blog and loving your content.

At least, that’s the idea that I had when I was very new to the world of blogging.

I still giggle thinking about my mindset from that time.

Times have changed and social media has emerged like crazy. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram have taken the world by storm.

Everyone and their friend are on one or more of these social media channels.

As these media outlets started becoming popular among general population, brands started using these as their way of advertising their products and services.

Building a community has become a vital part of building a successful blog.

Among other ways, bloggers have found a great way to build a community is through Facebook Groups. I am part of many of these groups, and made lot of friends and my blog got an awesome exposure through these groups.

Since I get asked a lot about which groups I participate in, I decided to put together this list of Facebook Groups that I am part of and love to participate regularly.

Smart Passive Income Community

Created by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, there are more than 22000 members where you can freely communicate and discuss online business, blogging, podcasting, and other online business interests!

Blogging Boost

Created by Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley with 11000+ members, this groups helps connect with other bloggers, share posts and learn the ins and outs of working online

Bloggers United

Created by Steffii Troubetas this group has more than 11000 active members. This is a great place to unite and talk about blogs, advertise them, cross promote and most of all share tips and make blogger connections!

The SITS Girls Facebook Group

Created by Tracie Nall & Danielle Simmons this group has more than 12300+ members. This group specializes in blogger education and helping influencers build online communities. Find monetization opportunities, engaging conversations, classes, and opportunities to learn from one another.

Blog + Bizz BFFs

Created by Melyssa Griffin, this group has more than 25,600 members. It is a place for bloggers and entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice. This is truly one of the most encouraging and strategic communities on the internet!

Show Your Blog Love

With more than 1500 members, this support group is perfect for you if you’re a blogger, writer, VA or social media Influencer. There are daily blog post and social media threads where you can gain excellent engagement with other likeminded bloggers.

Blogging with Becky and Paula

Created by Becky and Paula, this group has more than 6000 members. This is your place to ask questions and answer blogging questions, connect with other bloggers and share about your blog!

Blog Beautiful

Created by Marianne Manthey, this group has more than 6000 members. This is a community to help those you want to DIY-design and improve their blogs!

Blog & Business: Moms who do it all

Created by Nikki Santori, this group has more than 3300 members. An awesome group for mom bloggers that encourages supportive and helpful atmosphere.

Think Creative Collective

Created by Abagail Pumphrey & Emylee Williams, this group has more than 4000 members. This group is perfect for small business owners who want to share, learn and grow!

Creative Superheroes

Created by Allison Marshall, this group has more than 4600 members. This group is for you if you’re a creative ladypreneur who wants to join forces with others for support, feedback, brainstorming, growth and tips!

Blogs That Sells

Created by Katina Davenport, this group has more than 190 members. This is a group where business savvy bloggers who are stay at home moms and dads can network with other bloggers that are just like them.

Food Bloggers Central

Created by Nagi Maehashi, this group has more than 2800 members. This group is perfect for food bloggers, to share tips to grow traffic, ask for help, photography, social media, monetizing and ad networks.

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Created by Allie Barke, this group has more than 13,900 members. This group is a place to ask questions, share knowledge, make connections, and pass along opportunities that may not be the right fit for you.

There you have it. Facebook Groups that I love to participate in and network with likeminded bloggers!

Did I miss your Facebook Group? Please feel free to write to me at thewomentalk [at] gmail [dot] com or leave comment in the comment box below!

Facebook Group That Helps Drive Traffic To My Blog



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