Delicious and Healthy Mason Jar Meal Ideas

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Mason Jar Meal Ideas

Our fast paced world of eating on-the-go doesn’t always offer up the most healthy dining options. Make-ahead meals appear to be the best route, but not everyone knows where to begin when it comes to preparing a week’s worth of meals while still achieving variety, nutrition, and flavor.

Enter the mason jar meal. Mason jars aren’t just for long-term food preservation and super-cute upcycling crafts, these versatile containers can even carry a variety of nutritious and delicious meals.

From small to large, mason jars offer a size variety to suit all of your snacking and dining needs.

Still not convinced? Allow me to show you a few items for inspiration.

The Salad in a Jar

Mason Jar Salad

I know what you’re thinking – if you make a salad (complete with dressing) and try to store it for a week in the fridge it’s going to end up a soggy, nasty mess. That would be true if you were mixing all the ingredients together and allowing them to marinate, but mason jar salads are a little different in construction.

The Two Bite Club shows that placing the dressing at the bottom of the jar and placing crunchy veggies on top a natural barrier is created between the wet ingredients and those bits you want to stay crunchy until serving time.

Super-Fast Snack

Money Crashers isn’t the only site cheering for the convenience of packing healthy snacks in mason jars. Whether your snack of choice consists of celery and carry sticks dipping their tips in creamy ranch dressing, or crunchy celery and smooth peanut butter, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Maybe a parfait of yogurt, fruit and granola is more your style – get creative!

Most Important Meal of the Day

Mason Jar Breakfast Casserole

Next to dessert, breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. Trouble is, I seldom have enough time to have a nutritious breakfast and end up snacking on convenient junk throughout the day.

Then I started making little heat-and-eat breakfast casseroles in small mason jars, and really went wild with some no-cooking necessary overnight oatmeal. You won’t find me skipping breakfast anytime soon!

Don’t Forget the Chocolate!

A very dear friend of mine is allergic to chocolate. Tragic, I know. I can’t imagine having an allergy to the magic balm for most of life’s little troubles.

Chocolate is a perfectly reasonable breakfast flavor for turtle oatmeal, and it’s equally awesome as a cream pie, but if you need a quick snack for an emergency you really can’t go wrong with a cute little chocolate tart made in a mason jar lid.

Do you have a favorite Mason Jar Meal Idea or a Recipe? Please do share with us in the comment box below or on our Facebook page.

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