Blog Planner 2016: How To Grow and Monetize Your Blog

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Blog Planner 2016 Organization Tool

Hi There! Are you still going strong with your New Year Resolutions? As for me, as promised to myself, I have been eating healthy, keeping track of my daily water intake (thanks to this FREE printable!) and slowly but constantly working to grow and monetize my blog.

Origin of The Women Talk

If you are a blogger, you are already aware of how much work and effort goes into making a blog successful. I have been through the same journey. When I first started TWT, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my blog niche to be. I would write about random topics like fashion, blogging, self improvement and DIY. Then I got into trying new recipes and got myself this brand new Nikon D3300. I did lot of recipes, mostly healthy recipes for my now 3 yr old. After a while, when I looked at my blog and browsing through all the categories and blog posts, I couldn’t pin point what my blog was exactly about.

That is when I decided to (re)organize my niche specific blog posts into different categories and blogs. This is what Fashion, Blogging Tips and DIY & Crafts sections look like now. I also removed lot of posts that I thought did not align well with the niche of my blog. I’m really loving the way this all came together.

Future Blogging Plans for The Women Talk

Few weeks ago, I came across this quote and it’s so true ….

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called Passion” ~ Simon Sinek

I did not realize that blogging could be so rewarding. Even if you are not making as much money as your full time job in the corporate world, working for yourself takes your satisfaction to the whole new level.

As I realized from my past experience, if you do not track your progress you have no idea where you are headed. That is why, I decided to create myself this Blog Planner 2016 perfect for this year. Not only will this help me keep my progress in check, I will have the real numbers right on my finger tips. This will help me measure my work and any progress I need to make in which area. Let’s take a peak at what my blogging organization tool looks like.

My Blog Planner 2016

This blog planner is going to be my best friend in the new year. First off, I love the cover binder of my bog planner. This colorful and bright cover makes me want to open my binder again and again. 🙂

Blog Planner 2016 Cover Binder

Mission Statement and Purpose of the blog

There’s an yearly calendar, monthly calendar and even two page calendar that help me plan my events in advance. If I have a blogger conference coming up or a webinar, the event goes right into the calendar. It helps me plan my blog post scheduling.

I also love the mission statement where I have to write down what my blog is about. This has helped me write down in clear and crisp tone what my blog is all about.

Blog Planner 2016 Missions Statement

Monthly Goals and Month at a Glance

Next, I can set my goals for the month. Say, for January, I jot down my goals for the month, along with action plans and if I want to write down any ideas or thoughts for those goals. I can also write down how I did in social media for that month.

I write down my Facebook followers, Twitter followers, Pinterest and Instagram followers. If you also have bloglovin you can write those followers down as well. You can also write down your top posts of the month, pageviews for those posts, engagement frequency with your followers and category which those top posts belong to.

Month at a glance and monthly goals for blog planner 2016

Blog Post Planner

I love this section about blog post planner that comes with SEO checklist. You can plan your next blog post with the help of this Blog Post Planner. For your next blog post, you can write down the title of the blog post, category it is going to belong to, post date, keywords, if it is a sponsored post and the bid amount. You can go through the SEO checklist and see if you have check marked all the required fields to best optimize your blog post for search engines.

Blog Post Planner 2016

Weekly Blog Planner

When you have a blog or two to maintain, this weekly blog planner is one of the must have tools. Schedule your blog post for particular days of the week, and simply check mark the associated box to keep the record. Similarly, make social media sharing a breeze with this checklist for the week.

Besides blog scheduling and social media scheduling tracks, you should also be backing up your blog every week, and check for broken links. Make a note of that in this weekly blog planner. You can also note down the potential sponsors or brands contacts you’d want to work with. This way you have a track record of every person / brand you reached out to. Pretty amazing, huh?

Sponsored Posts Tracker

That awesome moment, when sponsors reach out to you for sponsored posts 🙂 I love this sponsored posts tracker where all the information about brands and companies can be saved. Information about my blog posts that are going to be about brand products, social media sharing and if there are going to be any giveaways.

Sponsored Posts Tracker and Advertisement Tracker

Advertisement Tracker

If you are planning to invest in advertising your blog, you’d want to know how successful your campaign was. This advertisement tracker can help you keep track of how much you spent on the advertisement and if you received any traffic from that campaign. Start and end date for you campaign can also be recorded.

Blog Statistics

Blog Statistics 2016

One of the most important aspects of your blog – recording blog statistics. Every month you can log into your Google Analytics and check out the pageviews, users per sessions, bounce rate, top referrals for the month, Alexa and the sites your blog is linked in.

Social Media Statistics

Social Media Statistics Blog Planner 2016

Along with blog statistics, you also need to track your social media stats. Write down your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus followers. You also need to record your RSS subscribers and Email subscribers.

Note, there is month at a glance sheet where you may have to record the same numbers, but this one is a social media sharing overview of the whole month to give you quick glance at how you are doing for that particular month, and you can easily compare the numbers with the previous month.

There are lot more sheets that will help you organize your blog planning for 2016.

Download Your Copy of Blog Planner 2016

Now you know why I am in love with my Blog Planner 2016? Want to see some more sections of this awesome organizing tool?

Blog Planner 2016

What are your blogging goals for 2016?



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