My Best Moments And Memories With My Dad

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Just like every weekend, I had a good chat with my parents. After hanging up I started thinking how much my parents have endured to see us, their children, reach their goals. We are really fortunate and blessed to have such parents.

As the thoughts of childhood came looming back, I decide to pen down a few of our childhood memories. What better occasion than the Father’s Day to dedicate this article to my father. My Dad is not only a great role model and best mentor for us kiddos, but has been there for us all the time. It is difficult not to keep talking about him, because of how much he has accomplished so far and still doing wonders with his family and work life.

Here are some special moments we share with our dad and reasons why we all children love him so much!

We are three siblings – we were brought up like we owned the world. I am proud to say that not only did we excel in academics, but also always performed really well in extra curricular activities under our parents’ excellent guidance. All of us hold Masters’ / Post Graduate Degrees and are doing well in our respective careers.

Our childhood was spent in the 80′s mostly. Life was much simpler and easy going. There were not many TV shows on cable and there was ample time for children to play on the streets with other children.

My eldest sister still remembers this vividly, when she was little (not sure if we younger brats were born at the time) she would play with my dad, jumping on his feet and my dad walking her around. Neighbors kids would gather around and ask my dad to play with them too, as their dads didn’t have time to play with them. He would let them all play with him.

I love him for spending quality time with us kids!

Getting milk from dairy in the morning was the norm, and people would walk to the dairy with their bottles and crates.

My middle sister – when she was little (she was so cute), wanted to hold milk bottles and crate all by herself, and walk home with no help from anyone. She was all ~5 years (Now her little son seems like a copy of her childhood self). After lot of explaining how she was little and won’t be able to handle those bottles, when she didn’t budge, my dad gave her the milk bottles, and crate to hold. As she held the whole thing with her little hands and started walking, the crate hit the ground with every step and most of the bottles were broken by the time they were close to the house. My dad laughed it off and told her not to worry and keep going.

I love my dad for his stunning patience!

After I finished my undergrad, I wanted to go for higher studies for my Masters. After I appeared for the required tests, I felt that I did not perform very well and was feeling down. It was my dad who came over to me, consoled me, encouraging me to appear for another exam for MBA program. He said, let’s get some more universities to send you the brochures, we will go through them and see what other options we have. I was soon writing application forms to these other universities, all energized and ready to face another challenge. And, I did get admission in MBA to a prestigious university. My dad never let me get depressed and think of any negative thoughts.

I love him for teaching us never to give up!

The way he has taken care of all of us and our mom is beyond putting in few words. I am sure, I haven’t met anyone who is this dedicated to his family and has always done this with a smile on his face.

I admire him for being a great family man!

My maternal grandmother adored him so much and gave him blessings all the time, for how he took care of her daughter. He has done so much for his father, mother, grandfather and grandmother.

I respect him for being that perfect son and grandson!

He holds a Phd in Electronics Engineering. But reaching this far academically was never easy. He struggled so much to get his education, and also took care of his brothers and sisters along the way.

Dad, we know you are proud of where we three musketeers stand today, but we are much prouder to be your children.

Here’s wishing you the best of health, happiness and wonderful life ahead!

We wish you a very Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You rock!!!

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