Amazing Photo Apps That Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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This post is guest authored by Sophia Smith

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use visual elements on your blog. Perhaps you think it is just a fad, but it is far from it. There is no doubt that the written word has top priority when it comes to gaining the trust of the readers and earning regular visitors. Still, what you need to attract more attention and new readers is skillful and well-thought-out visual element usage.

Amazing Photo Apps That Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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Posts with images will get 94 percent more views than the ones with bare text. We think this is reason enough to step up your visual game. Simply including the images is not enough, though. You will have to improve your photo-taking and editing skills. Luckily, we live in a world where there are many apps that will make that job easier. Here are some of them.

Google Camera

It is obvious that there can be no list with top apps without including a Google-developed app. Once again Google has made a quality application for smartphones. It allows an amateur photographer to create stunning pictures without too much effort and time invested in learning.

The app comes with five modes, including Regular Camera Mode, Video Mode, Photosphere Mode, Panorama Mode and Lens Blur Mode. The later is the best option offered by this app. It is actually quite popular “trick” used by photographers with DSLR cameras to draw more attention to the subject of the image by blurring the background, while keeping the subject sharply focused.

If you manage to get a good shot, Panorama Mode and Photosphere Mode can make some pretty awesome stuff. They are a little wonky to use, but once you master taking a single picture and following the dots afterwards, it becomes rather easy. It is also a well designed application with a simple-to-use interface. The quick setting icons at the bottom of the screen (flash, exposure, etc.) really make your job easier.


One of the social-media themed apps, which has really improved the way we think about these seemingly useless tools. Not only can it generate a lot of comments, shares and likes on the major social platforms, but it can also offer a wide range of tools and presets for altering the photo, giving the opportunity to photo-amateurs to create true masterpieces.

Amazing Photo Apps That Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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The results this app provide are unlike anything we previously had the chance to see on Android devices. In the editing process, you have the chance to change the perspective between the original shot and the edited photo. After you have your final product you can easily share it on popular social media sites.

Autodesk Pixlr

If you are looking for a clear and simple interface to help you edit your photos in a hurry without renouncing good results, Autodesk Pixlr is one of the best choices for you. Without any annoyances and additional clicks, you will be able to make a top-notch illustration for your blog or social media posts. This seamless editing experience helps you to focus solely on photos, the thing that matters the most.

Autodesk Pixlr contains hundreds of effects and editing tools and some collage options that will definitely draw some eyes to your blog. The app provides sufficient amount of creative freedom and you can even create your own presets that you will be using in the future.

Little Photo

Little Photo is one of the highest rated apps on the Google Store, and for good reason too. Forget all about Instagram filters, Little Photo will provide you an extensive list of filters and tools, which are not normally seen within a free application. It offers more than 70 tools and effects, and that is not all. All of the features will be upgraded and more and more will be added subsequently. The possibility of mixing different filters on a single photo allows you an infinite amount of outcomes for a single shot.

Another thing that can provide you with vastly different results is the choice between full-filter and just half-applying it for more natural results. It has an easy-to-use interface which is perfect when you need some image to be processed fast. Little Photo also turns the whole screen into a trigger, when it is turned on, so there is no way that you will have any trouble with hitting the button.


This app is the choice of the ones who want to achieve professional results with just a few clicks. By installing it, you will get a fluid and streamlined app experience. Not only will you have great editing tools, but a seamless upload process as well. By the availability of tools, it is quite similar to Instagram, but the design is more professional-looking.

There are 15 million photographers and amateurs that are a part of EyeEm community, and that speaks volumes about its appeal. With more than 24 adjustable filters (9 of them are real-time – you can see the potential results before you even take the photo) and a wide range of fine tuning options, it is possible to decorate your blog with everything, from the birthday photos to the eternally classic black and white photos. The app can even learn what you prefer (based on tags, likes, etc.) and search for images with similar content, which can serve as great inspiration.

Amazing Photo Apps That Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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One of the most unique things EyeEm offers is the insight into the world of photography, where you can get to know the basic rules, recommendations and advice for taking better shots. The app is also very well connected with popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and it offers an instant-sharing option.

ProCamera 8

This camera replacement app for iPhone gives you the opportunity to gain more control over your images. It has all the features of the native camera app, but it offers a wide range of additional tools that can improve the whole picture-taking experience.

Some of them are quite similar to the ones you would get with a DSLR camera, such as adjustable shooting grids, fully manual exposure control, image stabilization and HDR mode. Not only that, ProCamera 8 has a substantial amount of editing tools enabling you to edit the images afterwards. You can even import the images from your native camera into the app to edit them.

There is also an option of choosing the quality/size of the taken images and saving the photos in TIFF format (better than JPEG, but large file sizes, if you, by any chance need super-high quality photos for print).

Simply B&W

Black and white photography is just one more indicator that classic never gets old. It is the perfect tool to draw attention to some meaningful image on your blog. By enhancing things, such as contrasts and shadows, you will be able to display so much more than with hundreds of colors.

Amazing Photo Apps That Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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It is ideal for photographing people, more than anything other. As a famous photographer, Ted Grant once said “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!

It is true that other photo apps have black & white filters, but Simply B&W gives you the simplicity which is the entire essence of this kind of photography. Besides enabling you to adjust contrast, shadows, brightness and sharpness, this app includes few templates, which are lightening and darkening certain colors by default. You also have the option of adding vignette and filters, for even more classy results.

All of these apps have one thing in common: they can significantly improve the visual appearance of your blog, and thus attract more attention and more followers. The end result is that by uploading or hosting images, you are creating one more traffic source – Image Search, which can massively improve the engagement of your visitors. Use Pinterest to boost your traffic. When pining your posts, make sure the default image is relevant and appealing. Getting a lot of pins can drive traffic and also increase engagement.


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