8 Top Reasons Why Women Can’t Get Pregnant

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“Why can’t I get pregnant? I am young, healthy, have regular menstrual cycle.” This is the most common question among women found in the online community.

Well, there are many reasons why women can’t get pregnant. It can not only stress you out but also strain your relationship. There are many factors that can effect how successful you are at conceiving and getting pregnant naturally. Let’s find out and see, and how they contribute to your chances of conceiving.

Main reason why women can’t get pregnant naturally

One of the main reasons that women have trouble getting pregnant is that they do not know when they are most likely to conceive naturally. Knowing about their ovulation cycle is the most important step while trying to get pregnant. 

A woman is most fertile during the few days just before and including ovulation, which typically occurs 14 days before the start of a period.

According to an Australian survey, just 13 percent of the women knew which days of their menstrual cycle they were fertile. It is vital to time the intercourse to achieve natural conception, otherwise pregnancy can get delayed and this whole process can get stressful.

Best ways to find out when you are ovulating

There are many ways you can find out when you are ovulating. There are Ovulation Test Kits available on the market that can tell you about your ovulation.

One of the products that gets great reviews is Clearblue Digital Test Kit. Some of the great features about this digital test kit are:

  • Gives you a greater chance of detecting your fertile days, even if your cycle lengths are variable.
  • Completely clear result: A smiley face in the indicator window pinpoints your 2 most likely days to get pregnant.
  • Detects your LH surge accurately.
  • Test can be taken any time of the day.
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