6 Ways to Make Extra Cash during Holiday Season

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6 Ways to Make Extra Cash During Holiday SeasonHoliday season is upon us.

That means more opportunities to earn extra cash.

If you already gainfully employed, you can use this time to impress your employers, reflect upon your passion and dedication.

You can even take up a side hustle to earn more cash.

Seasonal jobs can be a great way to make connections, network and get referrals.

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If you have been looking to make extra cash during the holiday season, here are some ways you can make over $100 during the holiday season.

#1. Gift Wrapping

December means everyone is busy holiday shopping and gift wrapping. If you can provide such service, you can make significant income during holiday season.

With multiple jobs and balancing house and work is keeping people busier than ever. If you can provide such services locally, you have a potential to earn extra income.

You can use an app like TaskRabbit to find your potential clients. You can provide a gift wrapping service by either driving to your client’s home, or have them drop off their gifts to your location.

You can charge up to $20 per hour, and add the mileage and gas rates as well if you are driving to their location.

#2. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another great side hustle you can take up during holidays. Since most of the people travel for more than few days, they ‘d like someone to watch their pets.

If you love animals, this is an added bonus. You can make money by doing something you love to do anyways. As a pet sitter, you look after peoples animals while they are away for holidays.

You are required to visit their house couple of times a day, take them out for walk, ensure that the animals are fed, given water and any medication if needed. You will also be required to clean up litter or cages. Visit care.com or rover.com to find such opportunities.

#3. Childcare

I had no idea how crazy it can get during holiday season until I had my son. I had to hire childcare help number of times last year during the crazy schedule of my runs to the malls, holiday parties and gift shopping.

Parents can use much needed help when they are running around working on their to do lists and other holiday chores.

If you are capable of providing childcare service, you can earn extra cash by working for a few hours during the day or evening hours. To find potential clients, create a profile on care.com or post on mom groups on Facebook.

#4. Uber or Driving Service

Holidays is also the busiest traveling season. Families may need help getting to the airport in time. People who don’t drive may need someone to get to the stores for gift shopping or a trip to the post office.

You can provide driving services during holiday season, and help people with their holiday chores. Uber is one such internet based company that connects drivers and riders.

You can use your own car and set your own schedule. People love to use Uber because of the inexpensive rates as compared to the traditional taxi services.

#5. Run Errands

People may find it challenging to take care of day to day tasks like getting their car serviced or booking an airline ticket. If you like to organize and plan your day, you might be perfect to provide such services.

You can run errands for people who find it hard to perform their scheduled tasks. TaskRabbit is a great app to find potential clients during holidays.

As a part of your errands running service, you can drop or pick up their dry cleaned clothes, drop their gifts at the post office, get their car inspected or even book their work holiday party.

#6. Create Holiday Cards

If you have a knack for graphics designing, you can create holiday cards. Start this side hustle by designing for friends and family. Ask them to spread the word by giving to their co workers and friends.

This may take some time for you to start making money, but this one has a long term potential. You can establish yourself by starting small, and eventually creating cards on a bigger scale. You can use graphics editing tools like Picmonkey or Canva to create such holiday cards.

Holiday season is a great way to make some extra cash. You can take advantage by taking up some of these side hustles and pay off your debt, or buy a special gift you have been eyeing.

Have a great Holiday Season!

6 Ways to Make Extra Cash During Holiday Season





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