6 Powerful Ways to Drive More Traffic from Pinterest

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Click Through to See The 6 Powerful Ways to Drive More Traffic From PinterestIf you are a blogger, I’m sure you have a Pinterest account? If not, get on it asap, like yesterday!

Bloggers swear by this insanely popular social media platform, that has been an awesome traffic generator for lots of people.

It is one of the easiest ways to generate quality traffic.

It sends you quality traffic because it caters to people of varied interest, and those who click on your pins are the ones really interested in your content.

Are we connected on Pinterest?

So, I would pay really good attention to this visually appealing platform that you cannot afford to ignore. There are some very effective ways to drive more traffic from Pinterest, I’m sure you ‘re aware of!

Wait, What? You’re NOT getting any traffic from Pinterest? Yikes!

There must be something you might be missing out on your Pinterest account. Let’s start with me asking you a few questions! Are you ready?

#1. Are you Creating Tall, Vertical images?

Vertical images perform better on Pinterest. The best size for sharing images is 735×1102. I mostly use big and bold images that are more than 750px in width and 1200px in height.

There are many image editing programs that you can use to create beautiful and gorgeous images. I specifically use Picmonkey and sometimes Canva. I love that there are many prebuilt templates that I can use.

Although I like to create vertical images, but sometime they become too tall because I inserted some of the steps along with really bold post title. In that case, I insert this little code in the text form of my blog post.

Insert Hide Image Code

#2. Are your Images Search Engine Optimized?

Optimized Images perform much better on Pinterest than the ones that are not. Here are a few things; you can do to make sure that your images are optimized:

  • Create the right sized images.
  • Add a description to the alt tag of your image
  • In your Pinterest account, add a description for each board
  • Select the right category for each board
  • Red, pink or orange toned images perform much better than green, blue or gray scale tones.

#3. Do you Contribute to Group Boards?

Group boards have become a thing. You can continue to pin on your regular boards but you want to reach larger audience. In order to do that, you need to become a contributor to group boards.

You can find groups boards by searching on pingroupie.com. Search for the boards that are in your niche. When you become part of larger group boards, you are likely to get more repins and followers.

#4. Do you add Call to Action in your images?

Adding a call to action is a powerful marketing strategy that works great on Pinterest, just like any other social media network. When you tell your audience what to, they will most likely follow your instructions.

So, by adding a note in your image like, “Click through to see how you can grow your blog” or “Click Here to read more on how you can make money blogging”, you are giving your readers a reason to click through to your blog post.

#5. Do you Engage with your Followers?

Pinterest is an awesome platform to network and make connections with other bloggers. You can pin and repin your followers’ pins, ask questions or leave meaningful comments.

I have been able to connect with some high profile influencers and bloggers with Pinterest. While browsing through the pins, I have been intrigued with some great call to action images that have led me to click through to some awesome blog posts, and finally the blogs.

#6. Do you maintain High Quality and Valuable Boards?

Pinterest recently changed its algorithm to display only the most popular and best pins in its smart feed. So make sure to keep only high performing and valuable boards in your account. I recently did a lot of cleaning in my account as well.

Basically I removed the boards that I was not using frequently, or were almost replica of another board. I now make sure to pin only high quality images (from my content as well others) to maintain the quality of my boards and keep them clean.

This way Pinterest thinks that these pins are high quality, and displays them to larger audience. So, take a close look at your regular boards and see if you can get rid of any.

Although it is great to browse through your regular boards and group boards manually, but you can schedule your pins ahead of time as well. I have used Tailwind and Boardbooster that I use to schedule my pins for weeks ahead of time. Tailwind recently introduced their new feature called Tailwind Tribes. I have started using them, and love that I can grow traffic to my blog even more effectively.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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