6 Awesome DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty

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This is a guest post authored by Diana Hutchinson

6 DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty

Cats love toys! When you have to leave them at home, it is important to keep them busy. It is important to get them good toys to play with. A bored cat might not be very happy. But if you live with a cat, you would be able to understand why buying expensive toys for your cat might be a bad idea.

No matter how many toys you get her, she might still find bliss in an old toilet paper roll, a ball of yarn and other such mundane household items. So here are a few toys you could easily make at home. These take hardly minutes to make but can keep your cat busy for hours.

1. Sunshine Wheel Toy

You must have seen your cat treasure a plain cardboard tube like a precious prize. Why not make a simple toy out of it for her? You could use an old toilet paper roll to play with your cat in a lot of ways.

DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty - Sunshine wheel toy

Source: Pinterest

Make a simple sunshine wheel for your cat with a cardboard tube. All it takes is a cardboard tube and scissors. Draw 2 lines dividing your cardboard tube into 3 segments. Cut fringes on either ends up to the lines, leaving the center segment intact. Spread out the fringes. There would be 2 spiky wheels on both sides.

2. Catnip Toy – No Sew

If you have all the right supplies, you could make this one in less than 5 minutes.

DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty - Catnip toy- no sew

Source: mommyweek.com

The impact catnip can have on your cat probably needs no explanation. You could use that to make an interesting toy your cat would instantly fall in love with. Stretch out a small square of felt or flannel fabric.

Place some poly-fill in the center and sprinkle 1 or 2 teaspoons of catnip on it. Gather the fabric and tie it up like a sac with a thin fabric strip or a ribbon. Voila! You have a quick toy that your cat would never give up on.

3. DIY Cat Self-Feeder

A self-feeder can act as a toy and reward your cat with treats. This would encourage her to play more with it. And you can also be ensured that your cat has her fill. There are a lot of DIY versions of auto-feeder for cats.

DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty - DIY  Cat self-feeder

Source: instructables.com

This self-feeding cat food dispenser can be made with a food container, an old plastic bottle and a gold ball. Cut a plastic bottle near the neck to make a funnel.

Make a narrow hole at the bottom of the container to allow the bottle funnel to pass through. Insert the bottle funnel through the hole. Tie the golf ball and insert the other end of the string through the funnel and tie it to a rubber band.

Make a small hole in the lid of the container to let the rubber band pass through. Replace the lid and pull out the rubber band and tie it to a paper clip. Hang this feeder at a height conveniently above the ground.

Fill treats in the funnel and replaces the lid. When your cat pushes the ball, she would get her treat. There you have a toy and a feeder! If you have no time to make one, consider investing on a self-feeding cat food dispenser.

4. Treat Ball

Another great way to make use of old cardboard tubes is to make a ball out of it.

DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty - Treat Ball

Source: mylittlehelpers.com.au

Cut narrow rings of a cardboard tube. Insert each ring one into the other. This would give you a ball for your cat to play with. It is good as it gets! You could also insert a treat inside the ball to make it more interesting.

5. Pom-pom

Which cat doesn’t like a ball or a ball of yarn?

DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty - Pom Pom

Source: imgix.com

Here is an easy pom-pom you could make from an old ball of yarn. She would definitely be impressed because there is a ball and it is made of yarn!

Keep looping few rounds of the yarn around your fingers or a fork. Take the end of the yarn and insert it through the center of the loops and tie them up tight. Cut both the closed ends of the loop bunch to make an easy pom-pom for your cat.

6. Pipe Cleaner Worm

Make this easy pipe cleaner worm to keep your cat engaged for hours.

DIY Toys for Home Alone Kitty - Pipe cleaner worm

Source: catster.com

Wind one or more pipe cleaners (or chenille sticks) tightly around a pencil and pull it out. You would get what looks like a spring or a wriggly worm. Mix and match colors to make different colored worms for your cat to play with.

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My name is Diana Hutchinson. I am the founder of Tinpaw.com. I am a pet lover, especially dogs and cats. “A home without a pet is just a house”.

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