5 Main Blogging Problems and How to Deal with Them

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Main Blogging Problems and How to Deal With ThemThere are loads of promising bloggers out there.

They start writing a blog, a high quality one actually, but after a while, they disappear into the crowd or quit blogging altogether.

You might be in the same situation, you started your own blog, your readers were coming in, but now you are in a slump.

Your blog is not as attractive as it was when you started it, your traffic decreased and you feel like quitting.

Every blogger has been in your situation at some point.

You might need some extra help to get over this situation.

Here’s a list of 5 main blogging problems and how to deal with them. These ones are very frequent problems for bloggers and here’s how you should get over them.

Many subjects and no in-depth information

Every once in a while you should take a look at your last posts and check their relevance to each other. Many bloggers, in their quest to create as much content as possible, alter their blog’s main idea, its main focus.

Your blog should have one main topic, anything more than that will dilute your blog’s content.

The posts you create should offer exhaustive information regarding the subject you cover. Many bloggers offer abstract information, with no essence and this distracts readers and creates a repulsion towards those certain blogs.

Another important aspect is about the ads you use and how you place them. They should be related to your posts, otherwise, they will distract your readers and won’t be very effective.

Lack of expertise

You started quite good, you’ve come up with some very interesting posts about the topic you cover and the readers started coming in. What now? The main problem you will encounter on the road to success is the lack of expertise.

Many people tend to add unverified information into their posts. Once your readers will find out about this, your authority will be diminished and your readers will stop visiting your blog.

Once your blog grows, you should grow along with him. You should improve your expertise on the topic you cover. By doing this you’ll offer relevant and accurate information.

Apart from the expertise on the topic you cover, you should improve your knowledge about the platforms and software you use. If, for example, you use WordPress as your main platform, you should know everything about the tools it offers.

Not enough readers

Think of your blog as a small island. It has great views, fabulous bungalows for your tourists, many attractions for them, but no one knows about it. This is your blog right now!

Creating outstanding content is not enough to have a large audience. You need to reach them first and they’ll come back.

The best way to promote your blog is by using social media channels and search engines. Those are the most effective methods nowadays. Do some research about the most used social media networks and search engines.

Once you know the best places to reach your audience, start investing some resources into marketing your blog. If the content you create is outstanding, this method will guarantee your success.

Good audience, but low income

This is a very frequent problem for the bloggers, they have good traffic, but very low revenues. The main reason for this problem is the fact that the advertisement you use is not relevant for your readers.

You can find many fashion-related blogs with ads about the new SUV Honda launched. That’s bad for your blog because it distracts your readers’ attention and it doesn’t generate any income either.

To solve this problem you need to make a thorough research about the advertisement alternatives you have. Once you do that, you should decide which ones are the best for your audience.

The better targetted ads should increase their efficiency, thus increase your revenues. Even so, every once in a while you should check your ads’ productivity and remove the least effective ones. You should replace them with new and more relevant ads for your audience.

Interaction with your community

Interaction with your community means, mostly, other bloggers. If you interact with them you’ll have some very important advantages. The first benefit you’ll get is the capitalization of their public image.

You’ll start interacting with them, challenge them through games and quizzes, thus increase your awareness. This way, your readers will relate your image with other bloggers’ and you’ll gain a lot of confidence from the public.

Another reason to interact with other bloggers is because the interaction will create lots of backlinks. Those backlinks are very important for every search engine’s crawlers. They boost your blog’s rank because the search engines will relate your blog to other high ranking ones.

Being a blogger can be quite difficult sometimes, especially in the beginning. Every successful blogger has been through rough situations, you should remember that.

The way a blogger reacts to those difficult situations can make him a very good one or a regular one. By having the solutions for the 5 main blogging problems, you should get over them easily.

Julie Petersen is a young entrepreneur and a blogger at askpetersen.com, she passed a long and tough road to reach success, so she shares her experience to help people start a blog and monetize it.


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