3 Effective Time Management Tips For New Moms

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This post is guest authored by Sandra Azar

Effective Management Tips for New Moms

So you’ve burped the baby, changed the diapers, and now your little one is fast asleep. You’re so tired and all you want to do is to take a long rest. You start to lie down, feel comfortable, and your eyes start to close – then BOOM!

You suddenly remembered that haven’t wash your baby’s clothes yet.

Effective time management is very important especially for new moms who have zero experience when it comes to taking care of the baby, and understanding how hectic your schedule can be now that you have a baby to take care of.

To help you manage your time effectively, here are a few guidelines that you can follow so you can maximize the time that you have each day.

Find Out Exactly How Much Time You Have

A lot of moms make a lot of plans and lists to remind them of all the chores that they need to accomplish. Unfortunately, if you don’t know exactly how much time you have each day, there’s a huge chance that you’ll just end up feeling tired and frustrated.

To do this, you will have to take note of how many hours you can spend each day for the housework and for the baby’s needs. You need to plot your free hours in a daily timetable, and you need to add your baby’s feeding time, bathing time, and sleeping time on the timetable.

Of course, you will also have to plot your own personal time and sleeping time on the schedule. This will allow you to know how much time you have and it will also help you see exactly when you should do specific chores.

If you have 2 hours or more to spare, you might be able to accomplish a major cleaning task like vacuuming the floors, or cleaning the bathroom.

If you have an hour, then you might want to put dishes into the dishwasher, dirty clothes into the washing machine, or do minor cleaning tasks.

If you only have a few minutes to spare on the other hand, you might want to focus on your baby’s immediate needs like preparing the child’s milk bottles.

Make A List

Now that you’ve plotted your schedule, you need to make a list of what you need to accomplish every day. Use your smartphone or tablet to set alarms so you will know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Just make sure that you will not try to assign too many tasks per day so you will be able to adjust accordingly in case your baby has other plans.

You can however, think ahead. You can do this by preparing tomorrow’s food ahead of time, by setting the table for breakfast as you unload the dishwasher the night before, and by accomplishing tasks before they are needed.

You can also multitask, you can do this by using a headset so you can do chores while talking on the phone, or by simultaneously taking on the dishes while waiting for the food to cook.

You should also use technology to your advantage. Work smarter by using time management apps on smartphones, and by using the internet to learn how to take care of your baby better.

You can even make use of robot vacuum cleaners so you’ll know that the floors have been cleaned while you were away.

Be Determined

Most supermoms have one thing in common – determination! While you may not have real superpowers, you need to understand that moms have the next best thing, the will and the drive to do what needs to be done.

This is definitely not about you trying to accomplish everything on your own by overworking yourself. Instead, it is all about knowing how to delegate and how to find a way out of tight situations so you can accomplish more without tiring yourself.

You can delegate some tasks to your spouse so he can cook dinner while you get some alone time, and you can even ask friends or relatives to help you out for a few hours just so you can catch up with all the chores.

You can even work at home from time to time, pump breast milk at the office, or hire a babysitter.


It is very important for new moms to understand that taking care of the baby and doing the household chores can be overwhelming. Struggling with different tasks and keeping up with all your responsibilities can be a make or break situation.

This is why you should know how to manage your time properly before it’s too late.

Be realistic when it comes to your responsibilities and have a mindset that will allow you to adjust depending on the circumstances. You should also know how to discipline yourself, stay focused by avoiding activities that will needlessly consume a lot of your time.

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