24 Reasons you are Not Making Money from your Blog

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24 Reasons why you are not Making Money from your BlogAre you a blogger who is trying to monetize your blog, but having hard time doing so?

You started a blog, generated content, promoted your posts really well, shared a lot on social media.

Basically, did everything a blogger is supposed to do to make money from your blog, but all you are seeing is pennies with each passing day.

Well, believe me. We have all been there. At least I have been. Ask anyone who is doing really well today, they made one or the other mistake that cost them money.

All I can say to you today is, do not despair! You will start making money soon.

After failing to make money from my first few blogs, I decided to make a list of what I was doing wrong. I am sharing the list here. Here are 25 reasons why you are not making money from your blog. I hope you takeaway a thing or two and start making money from your own blog.

1. Do you know your audience? When I started my first blog, I had no idea what kind of readers were reading my blog. Their age range, gender, demographics or their interests – I had no idea about any of these. I started using Google Analytics since then, and have been able to track my new and repeat visitors.

2. Do you maintain an email list? Building and growing your email list is one of the most important aspects of blogging. Having huge number of pageviews on your blog vs having significant number of subscribers – having more subscribers helps you monetize your blog better. I did not build an email list when I just started out as a newbie and still regret the decision. I left lot of money on the table and lost out on loyal readers.

3. Are your readers engaging in your blog posts? Having only 10 loyal readers who are engaging on your blog posts, leaving comments are better than having thousands of visitors visiting your blog everyday, but not engaging.

4. Are you displaying only Text Links or Banner Ads? That’s a big no no. Your readers are coming to your blog to get some value out of it. But if you are only interested in showing advertisements on your blog, they are not coming back.

5. Or you have too many ads? It may seem like a good idea to display lot of ads and start making money, but it can be repulsive to your readers.

6. Do you lack high quality content? Generating content just to create content is not going to do with your readers. Post high quality content so that your readers feel the need to come back for more.

7. Are you collaborating with ineffective Ad Networks? There’s a trend of ad networks advertisement on blogs. Most of them pay in terms of 1000 impressions per page (CPM). There are different terms and conditions to get accepted on those networks. Some accept the blogs at 50,000 pageviews, others at 60,000 and there are some that accept blogs that are over 100,000. Make sure to choose the ad networks that value your blog content and pay you well.

8. Is your niche non Money Making? Even though you should blog about a topic you are passionate about, but sometimes if you blog about very generic niche, you may not be making money as you’d expect. So make sure to narrow the niche as much as possible.

9. How much do you network? Having just a blog is not enough. People should know that your blog exists. At least 5 of your friends or bloggers should know about your blog.

10. Do you write about the latest topics? It is one of an effective way to generate traffic to your blog. When Harambe Gorilla incident at Cincinnati Zoo happened few months ago, many of my blogger friends posted about the incident asking if the Zoo was right to shoot the gorilla. There were long discussions on the topic and lot of engagement from the readers happened on the incident.

11. Does your blog provide solution to a problem? Remember your readers are coming to your blog for a reason. They might be looking for a DIY project, teacher appreciation gift ideas, healthy recipe or latest fashion trends. If your blog is not providing any value to your readers, they may not become your repeat visitors.

12. Are you making your blog language complicated? I run away from blogs that are too complicated to read and understand. Make sure you use simple language on your blog. Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

13. Do you sell a product of your own? Create an awesome digital product and sell it to your readers.

14. Are you consistent with blog posting? You owe it to your readers to post consistently. If you post regularly for 3 months and then stop posting for 4 months then post everyday for next 15 days, it won’t help with your credibility. Depending on how often you post, your readers look up to you to post in the same pattern.

15. Is your blog too bright on eyes? If you blog design is too painful for my eyes or you have too much animation going on, I may never return back.

16. Are you monitoring your Google Analytics too closely? I used to look at my Google Analytics million number of times in a day. Well, not exactly million, but enough to feel depressed. Once I stopped looking at my blog stats, my blog started performing much better.

17. Do you interlink your blog posts? Interlinking reduces bounce rate. Too frequent high bounce rates are frowned upon by search engines. When you interlink your blog posts, you are basically asking your readers to read other relevant content on your blog, and making them stay on your blog for longer.

18. Do you respond to your readers’ comments? Your readers feel special when you respond to their comments, especially if you address them by their name.

19. Are your readers your promoters? Your readers are your top most marketers. Make your readers share your content by making it interesting read for them. Ask them to share in their friend circle. Pinterest repins, Facebook shares and Twitter retweets can make a post go viral.

20. How fast is your blog? I personally do not stay on a blog that takes forever to load. Make sure to check for plugins or upgrades that make your blog load slow. There are many tools available to check the speed of a website.

21. Do you have responsive design? People are using their smartphones to visit blogs these days. If you do not have mobile friendly blog, your readers may have hard time reading your blog. Make sure to create responsive design for your blog that is pleasing to read on mobiles.

22. Are your blog pages optimized for search engines? I cannot emphasize how important Search Engine Optimization or SEO is for your blog. Well optimized blogs show up in search engines frequently. There are many plugins available that you can use for SEO. I use Yoast SEO on my blog, and love how easy it makes it to optimize my blog posts.

23. Do you have a self hosted blog? If you are using free blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress, you should reconsider using a self hosted domain.

24. Have you established your brand and created your style? Every blogger has a different style. Make sure to establish your brand and create your own style. Images are becoming a big thing as a part of blogging, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. When you look at popular bloggers’ Pinterest images, you can figure out right away, who this image belong to. Similarly, establish your style. When creating an image, choose a font style, text color and your blog logo for your image.

There you have it. Each and everyone of us has one or more of these blogging mistakes. I am sure as soon as you look into fixing these, you will start seeing the difference and start making money from your blog.

So, are you making money from your blog or are you making any of these mistakes? Please share in the comment box below!

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