15 Places to Find Free Feminine and Styled Stock Photos

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15 places to find free feminine stock photosIf you own a women oriented blog that specializes in teaching women to be ladypreneurs and run their online business successfully, chances are you are looking for feminine, stylish and beautiful stock photos all the time.

I know I am. Or used to!

My blog is mainly geared towards women who want to build their online business from home and make money blogging.

I was always on the lookout for feminine pictures that would go perfectly with the content of my blog.

Know why pictures are becoming important more than ever?

They have become one of the major sources of driving traffic to your blog, especially if you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. If you don’t use Pinterest, you should.

Pinterest is one of the main sources of referral traffic to many of my blogs. In addition to creating high quality content, I love to create beautiful, engaging and click worthy images.

Now it is possible to get your hands on some of the most beautiful, feminine and stylish photos, thanks to some of the generous and talented people.

So if you are a women entrepreneur, graphics designer, blogger or freelancer who wants to create a feminine and girly brand, here are 15 places you can find feminine, beautiful, girly and so cute styled stock photos.

As always make sure to read the terms of condition before downloading and using the photo package!

Haute Chocolate

Haute Chocolate Free Feminine Styled Photos

You will find images perfect for your girly blog. When I browsed through some of their bright, vibrant and beautiful stock images, I couldn’t get enough of these images. And it was so simple to get my hands on those images.

Simply sign up for their newsletter to get first two images for free. Then they send you one free image every month.


Wonderlass Free Styled Stock Photos

Allison is behind the beautiful and chic images on Wonderlass. I love her work, and in awe at the creative brand she has built for herself in short time span. If you notice, I have used many of her images in lot of my blog posts.

Besides providing many other free resources, she gives away 15 free stock photos when you sign up for her newsletter. You receive a new free pack every month after that.

I just received my September and couldn’t be happier. You can access the free photo pack by clicking here!

Style Undone Creative

Style Undone Creative Free Styled Stock Photos

Receive free girly and feminine stock images when you sign up for their free gift list. You will also receive FREE styled stock photos every month.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email in your inbox. Once you confirm the subscription, you will receive the password to access their library with lots of beautiful images. I felt like I was spoilt, I’m sure you will feel the same.

A Prettier Web

A Prettier Web Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

Check out this beautiful collection of bright and girly stock photos. Sign up here to receive 7 FREE Styled Stock Images.

Creative Convex

Creative Convex Free Girly Styled Stock Photos

Chaitra is behind this beautiful resource of feminine styled stock images. Sign up here to receive your FREE stock photos, perfect for bloggers and creatives.

Rekita Nicole

Rekita Nicole Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

Get access to 11 FREE stock photos that are perfect for bloggers to use on their blogs and Instagrams. Only thing she asks is to credit her back when using any of her images.

Shay Cochrane

Shay Cochrane Free Feminine Styled Stock Images

She is some awesome photography skills. Use her styled stock images on your blog and you will feel the chic and style that a ladyboss blog should ooze out.

Sign up here to receive one free styled stock image and then one every month. I just received my Fall perfect image last week and it is sooo beautiful.


bloguettes Free feminine styled stock photos

When I first signed up with Bloguettes, I received 4 free beautiful stock images. Sign up to get free stock images in your inbox.


wonderfelle Free Girly Styled Stock Images

Sign up here to receive your free feminine styled gorgeous and chic stock photos.

Color Stock Gallery

Color Stock Gallery turquoisepalm styled stock images

Sign up here to receive 15 FREE stock photos and new photos every month.

Cliché Mignon

Cliché Mignon Free Styled Stock Photos

Sign Up here to get these gorgeous photos from Cliché Mignon in your inbox.

City Girl Searching

City Girl Searching Free Girly Stock Images

You can download these Free Stock Photos by visiting this link.

Seaside Creative

Seaside Creative Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

Sign up here to download FREE resources library where you will find styled stock images. I received this cute Fall package with the most recent download.

Helen in Between

Helen in Between Free Styled Stock Photos

Sign up here to receive your free styled stock photos from Helen in Between.

Passion Pixel by Katie

Passion Pixel Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

Sign Up here to receive Katie’s free styled stock photos. Her blog offers awesome resources for bloggers and photographers.

Ashley Ella Design

Ashley Ella Design Free Girly Styled Stock Photos

Visit this link to access free styled stock photos by Ashley.

These are some of my favorites places to download FREE feminine styled stock photos. Did I miss any? Please feel free to contact me or leave your comment in the comment box!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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