15 Cutest Halloween Costumes Ideas For Kids

30 Mar 2014 Kam B Family 0 Comments

Babies and toddlers make cute characters for Halloween. Whatever Halloween Costume you choose for them from creepy to cute, they always rock it with their cute expressions.

Most exciting part for kids during Halloween is their costumes, of course, besides trick and treating. When buying a costume for your child, make sure that it is cozy and comfortable.

While looking for a Halloween Costume for my little one, I came across some really cute and interesting costumes for babies and toddlers. You can either make them at home or buy ready made from stores.

15 Cutest Halloween Costumes Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Sock Monkey Halloween Costume

Sock Monkey Halloween Costume

Your child will look cutest little monkey ever in this comfy and adorable Sock Monkey Costume. This is a great two piece costume with a detachable tail.

Heavy fabric and matching headpiece will keep the child warm on cold Halloween night. The snap closure pants makes it easy for diaper changes.

This is great costume for any other occasion besides Halloween. Your little one will love to monkey around in this costume.

SpiderMan Halloween Muscle Costume

Spiderman Halloween Costume

Your little boy will love dressing up as his favorite super hero and pretend to save the world. The “muscles” in the costume give it completely cute and hilarious look. The half cap mask is comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off.

Your child will love to become wall crawler in this cute Spiderman costume. Just make sure he doesn’t become super excited and starts climbing the walls.

Rain Cloud Costume

Rain Cloud Costume

Popcorn Halloween Costume

Popcorn Halloween Costume

Starbucks Coffee Latte Costume

Starbucks Coffee Latte Costume


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