11 Timeless Tips to Make your Home Look More Elegant

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This post is guest authored by Dakota Murphey

Many of us secretly dream about having a home oozing with elegance and style, but taking the plunge to upgrade our interiors can feel like a daunting prospect.

If interior design doesn’t come naturally, let’s face it, it’s not a project we’re rushing to undertake.

Fear not!

You’ll be pleased to know that turning any ordinary living space into a refined home doesn’t necessarily mean a complete house move.

It really doesn’t have to be that difficult. We’ve put together 11 timeless tips to help you bring some beauty back into your home. You don’t have to do them all (but ignoring No.11 won’t help your cause).

#1. Don’t overlook the floors

Floors can be overlooked, but they are actually one of the biggest design aspects of your home. Hardwood floors can elevate a room, bringing unparalleled style.

It’s the base from which to grow a stylish interior. Re-flooring can be quite an investment, but it’s a worthwhile one if you want a classic appearance.

#2. Magical mouldings

Details matter if you are trying to bring an air of elegance into your home. Moulding is a relatively inexpensive trick and it brings a finished look to any room.

There are a number of ways you can go about this one, and it will depend on your property and room sizes as to what works.

Whether you go for chair rails, rectangular wall panels, faux headboards or upscale your book shelves, there are no rules. It’s an easy way to transform a plain room into a masterpiece.

#3. Going colonial

Plantation shutters add timeless elegance to any home, as well as bringing the practicalities of light control and privacy. Crisp white plantation shutters really do add a sense of grandeur.

#4. Dignified doors

Don’t skimp on doors. Invest in good quality doors that have some weight. If you’re prepared to go bold, paint your standard panelled, interior doors black to give an air of swanky elegance.

And don’t forget to update your front door – first impressions matter, and a dignified entry sets the tone.

#5. Classic Colors

Choose colors wisely. Both neutral and dark colors can lend an air of luxury, as can silk wallpapers. Plain white might feel like a bland choice, but using an antique white paint on the walls can still work if you have rich colors elsewhere in the room.

#6. Sumptuous cushions

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but a collection of scatter cushions, all plumped up in regal style really can bring elegance to an average sofa.

So, if your budget is running low, and a new sofa isn’t on the cards, making your cushion collection a luxury one could create a clever diversion.

It’s a great way of introducing pattern and color to neutral décor. Check out the catwalk runway to find out which patterns and materials are trending in the fashion world.

#7. Grand mirrors

Mirrors have such potential, and can play all sorts of clever tricks. They can lift a room, as well as make a small space feel bigger. Whether you are going vintage, eclectic or traditional with the frame, a stylish mirror will transform a room.

#8. Luxurious lighting

Dramatic, luxury lighting adds a real feature to any room. Creating a warm effect in the hallway using pendants or a small chandelier will give a sniff of elegance as soon as you walk through the door.

Living space lighting should be adjustable, according to the mood and the occasion. Dimmer switches and lamps are the obvious means of achieving both brightness and low-level lighting.

Antique and designer light fittings are worth the investment. It’s not a bad idea to choose lighting as your showpiece.

#9. Fashionable accessories

Now it’s not exactly timeless, but accessories are the easiest thing to change. It makes sense to bring a bit of what’s currently trending in home design to your living space.

If you shop carefully, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Check out the top design trends for room accessories and shop around for great replicas of high-end products.

Marble is bang on trend and it doesn’t have to be a huge project like a fireplace or a whole bathroom. Think candle holders, coasters, planters and clocks – they’re a definite nod to luxury.

#10. Unique touches

Whether it’s a show-stopping piece of art, ornate dresser handles, adding a unique touch will bring chic style to your room design.

Rugs come in so many different sizes and patterns. Just like the floor, a rug can lift a room, adding a fancy statement.

#11. De-clutter

A completely free way to bring a touch of class to your home is to declutter. Sweeping away the cobwebs, dusting and scaling down the knick-knacks can make all the difference.

How often do you see clutter in a luxury home? Small things like keeping the windows clean and using fabric shampoo to clean spots from furniture will help you to keep shabby at bay.

Good luck with the transformation. Elegant has your name written all over it.

Author Bio:

Dakota Murphey, BA (Hons) Marketing degree graduate, working alongside The Window Shutter Co, has a keen eye for interior design. When she’s not running around after her two tearaway kids, she’s divulging in the lasted luxury design mag looking for inspiration for her next project.


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  • These are all great tips! Especially #1 – flooring is what ties each room together; you can’t overlook it!

  • Hello Dakota Thanks you so much for sharing these amazing tip for home decoration. Decorate your home is too much costlier now a days, so these are the great ideas to make your home beautiful in low cost. Thanks for this beautiful blog.

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