10 Awesome Ways to Upcycle your Old T-Shirt

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Sometimes it’s a difficult challenge to let go of an old t-shirt. Sure, you could donate much of your collection to friends in need, but let’s be honest, some of t-shirts in your life are attached to memories you may want to cling to long after the life has gone out of the garment.

Here’s a few nifty ideas to salvage the shirt while making a fashion statement.

Super Fun Scarf

Super Fun Scarf from a t-shirt

Erin of Sometimes Homemade created this cute super fun scarf from her Iowa Hawkeyes t-shirts that she found no use of anymore. She wasn’t going to wear them, but wasn’t ready to part with them either. I am sure it would be hard for anyone. After all, those were some of the best years (and best parties) of your life!

You don’t have to let go entirely, simply sew swatches together to create a long scarf of ultimate fandom. This project works for any theme of fanaticism where your favorite (something) collides with t-shirts. For some it’s college football, for me it would be my prized collection of Star Wars t-shirts.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows from old t-shirts

Jess Abbott of DIY Network upcycled these old t-shirts to make throw pillows. Everyone loves something to cuddle. Simply holding an old t-shirt like a security blanket is a little creepy. Slightly less creepy is making a comfortable throw pillow out of that old t-shirt.

Better yet, if that t-shirt once belonged to an ex you can use the pillow as a punching target, or to muffle your screams of heartbreak and rage. Either way, cutting into that t-shirt will be a cathartic experience that’s probably long overdue.

Cuddly Plushies

Cuddly Plushes

This cute project found at Handmade Romance is a simple, yet adorable way to introduce your kids to the art of sewing and upcycling. Choose an old t-shirt, or sweater, draw up a simple pattern, then sew the seams together to create cuddly buddy for your child. Be as simple or as complex as you like, sew bears, monsters, or anything your child can imagine.

Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bag

Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bag

Shopping bags are becoming a staple in many people’s lives. With more stores giving preferential treatment to shoppers who bring their own shopping bags, it’s no wonder that people would want something that’s inexpensive, stylish, and a reflection of their individuality. Enter the upcycled t-shirt as tote bag. You can go the no-sew route of using a tank top as a makeshift bag, or you can get a little more elaborate and add sturdy handles.

Stylish Braided Belt

Braided  Belt from an old t-shirt

Can you think of anymore things you can make from your old t-shirts? Well, how about a braided belt? Delia Creates has listed an easy to follow tutorial on how to make a braided belt from your old t-shirts. She has made them in different colors, and the results are awesome!

I Heart New York Pillows

I love New York t-shirt and pillow

Transform that souvenir t-shirt you got from tourist place into this lovely pillow. This easy to follow tutorial with very straight forward images tell it all, how simple it is to convert that not so useful t shirt into such a comfy pillow.

T-Shirt Roses

T-shirt roses from upcycled t-shirts

What a beautiful way to jazz up a Fall scarf. Cathie Filian features a simple and easy to follow tutorial to make t-shirt flowers. This beautiful creation takes a few minutes and few ingredients to transform an old t-shirt into these beautiful roses.

No Sew Headbands

No Sew Headbands

This super cute and really simple to make headbands from I am a Mommma – Hear Me Roar do not require any sewing and do not take more than 2 minutes to make. Not only that, these are perfect for a baby, with no seams to irritate them.

T-Shirt to Woven Pillow

T-shirt to Woven Pillow

I was speechless when I saw this beautiful creation at Alpha Mom. I had no idea you can make this woven pillow out of your old t-shirts. Clear instructions with images makes it so much easier to follow the tutorial.

Braided Flip Flop Straps

Flip Flop Braided Straps

Who knew you could do the flipflop makeover with these braided straps, and look so fashionable. These braided straps found at Make It Love It are quick and easy to make. Just follow the tutorial and get ready for the summer and beach, in style!

Let me hear from you! What are some of the upcycling projects you’ve created using old t-shirts? Share your experiences in the comments below, or start a conversation on our Facebook page.

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